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Dream Blog: Look Who Came To Dinner

Dream about The Everly Brothers that I had a couple of years ago. Since I’ve moved to MA, I think about this dream a lot. So I decided to reblog it.

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In this dream, my family had a trailer park home that belonged to my Grandmother. It was kind of vintage Americana and charming. I guess we were there on vacation and everyone, friends and family alike, were invited to come and visit.

We were having a cookout, and among the friends and family visiting, were Don and Phil Everly.

There was no set time period really, like most of my dreams. I was still very young and so were Don and Phil. However, as the dream went on, it was clear we were way past the 1950’s.

Anyhow, Phil was tired, so he went to take a nap. I was napping in another room, but I couldn’t sleep. After what was supposed to be a couple hours or so later, I got up and I heard Phil talking to my Mom in another room. She asked him if he slept…

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Retro Dee Reveals: Picks for the 2022 Summer Song Survey

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Musical Misconceptions: Early In The Morning

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The Law Won: Happy 85th Birthday, Sonny Curtis

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Happy 10th Anniversary, Alan Seltzer!

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