Retro Dee’s Blog Update!


Hi folks, I rarely give updates on this blog (actually the first time I ever have) but as life gets more and more complicated, I want to mention that I have several upcoming entries in the works that will be published at various times. I’m taking my MacBook Air to the computer doctor to get an updated OS and that might slow things down, but the new entries should be up within the next few weeks.

If nothing else, please have a look at the revised entry of  Fifties Fashion Fix: What to Avoid When Dressing 1950’s (revised with photos)… Like it says, I’ve added some photos. I didn’t have time to add them before Peggy Sue’s Cruise, then I got busy adding all the car pics to that blog… so, to make a long story short, FFF now has photos in the latest entry. So check ’em out!

I hope all you retro-dears are having a great summer and staying cool. I just saw a ’57 Chevy driving down B Street by the mall and it’s been almost 2 weeks since Peggy Sue’s Cruise, so that totally made my day!

See you soon, guys and gals! ❤


update graphic is from Clipart Panda