Fifties Foto Flashback

Fifties Foto Flashback: Happy Birthday Jerry!

Welcome to Fifties Foto Flashback! There are a billion photos on the internet of every single topic you can possibly think of and even of topics you never knew existed. Obviously, you will have a tendency to search for subjects that you are interested in. Seeing that we are well into the 21st Century, and preoccupied with current-day BS, (and man is it BS),  I had no idea how many photos there are of yesteryear. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many photos from the 1950’s, not only of celebrities, but of just regular folks too. These photos are vital to keeping the past alive for future generations. Each one is like a portal looking back into time, showing what it was like in The Best Era Ever.  In this section, I will feature some photos from the 1950’s that have really stood out to me amongst the many. I hope you like them. (Please remember I don’t own anything.)

Fifties Foto Flashback November 2018, S1 E1: “Happy Birthday Jerry”

Once in a while you will come across a picture that fills you with such absolute joy, you simply need to share it. I’m not talking about those “OMG Cuteness OVERLOAD” photos of  unnaturally tiny puppies or a meme of an otter holding paws with another otter. I’m not even talking about that daily kitten pic from wherever-dot-com that makes everyone say “AWWW”. I’m talking about a photo that captures the essence of what makes your soul soar. And today’s Fifties Foto Flashback does just that for me.

I found this photo via Pinterest amongst my default suggestions on my home page. I don’t know the original source. I obviously get tons of 1950’s celebrity pictures on my feed because that’s one of my main interests. So along with Elvis, Eddie Cochran and the many photos of my favorite, Buddy Holly, this one came up and it made me happy for a while.

This particular photo is of the four Crickets in 1957 on what my shoddy math skills tell me was Jerry Allison’s 18th Birthday: August 31, 1957. It is just so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t resist posting it here. In fact, my first reaction when I saw it was to say out loud: “Oh my God, that’s so [expletive] cute.”


L-R: Jerry Allison, Joe B. Mauldin, Niki Sullivan and Buddy Holly

I just love the lollipops surrounding the cake and the way the Hershey Kisses spell out Jerry’s middle name. (I’m assuming that it says “Jerry Ivan”, but the “Jerry” part is at the bottom left of where the photo was cut off.) Prior to seeing this, I had no idea that they even had Hershey’s Kisses in the 50’s! I thought they weren’t invented until the 80’s! Gee, you really do learn something new everyday. 

But the thing that makes this pic the cutest, I think,  is that it shows how close the boys were. They were best friends, like brothers. You can see it in their body language and expressions. I  love how Jerry has his arm around Joe and his hand on Niki’s head with Buddy smiling, looking on. And the cake on the bed itself is a really “sweet” thing they did for Jerry on his Birthday. 🙂

When you think about it, The Crickets were the very first “Boy Band”, long before that term was even coined. If you search for vintage Crickets merchandise, you will come up empty-handed because the first band merchandise did not even come to exist until the 1960’s (mostly with the dawn of Beatle Mania.) I think that makes these moments captured of the boys even more special.


I hope you enjoyed this installment of Fifties Foto Flashback. I will be showing more photos in the future so please stay tuned for more from The Best Era Ever.

Disclaimer: All photos and images in this section are used in the fair use/public domain context. I do not own any of these photos; the original owners retain all copyrights.