Keeping the '50s Alive!

Keeping The 50’s Alive… At Christmas! Pt. 1: Retro Cards and Gifts

Christmas is always a special time, and that could not be more true back in the 1950’s as well. In more recent years, Retro Christmas decorations have come into vogue, along with collecting the actual vintage ones. The joy of Christmas and the 1950’s go hand-in-hand, so it’s not hard to find ways to keep the Best Era Ever alive and jolly during the Holiday Season. 

Christmas is the Season for Giving and what better way to celebrate in the 50’s style than to give cards and gifts with a nifty-fifties theme!

When I decided to have a “Retro Christmas”, the first thing I wanted to do was share my love for the 50’s with family and friends. So I went online in search of 1950’s-themed Christmas cards. It wasn’t long before I found Retro Christmas Card Company and purchased a pack of “Santa’s Soda Shop” cards. My family and friends loved them and the older aunties and uncles found them nostalgic. The bright, whimsical artwork can be found on all their cards which celebrate the 1950’s and 60’s. When you get a Retro Christmas Card Company card, you know it’s time to party.


Santa’s Soda Shop cards and design by RetroChristmasCardCompany.Com


This year life is a lot more low-key for me, but I still picked a 50’s theme (although a bit more subtle) with a package of Hallmark Cards featuring 1950’s-styled reflector ornaments hanging on a tree. These are classy and simple, but still give off a warm, mid-century feel.

Retro ornaments cards and design by Hallmark Cards Inc.


For gifts, there are a million things you can find from reproduction items to actual vintage pieces. It all depends on what you are looking for. Many catalogs feature 1950’s-themed gifts, from household items to games and toys. A couple of years ago, close friends of our family gave us some repro pick-up sticks which I thought were just swell!

Retro Dee says: “Pick up sticks make great gifts!”

The following year, I gave our family a household gift: a set of Kate Spade potholders and dish towel, which remind me of a classic diner. They really add a touch of retro to the kitchen.

Dad holds up the diner-themed potholder and dishtowel set by kate spade.


Finally, you might want some retro-themed wrapping paper to wrap your retro-themed gifts in. I chose Santa with an old-fashioned phone number for one and for the other, this really cute paper printed with vintage toy ads. The ads even have the prices of toys! This paper was from Papyrus in 2017, though I don’t believe they offer the same style this year. There is a lot of great retro-themed paper out there if you search for it.

This fun retro-themed wrapping paper depicts toys of the 1950’s!


For more retro gift ideas, please see my Retro Inspired Gifts board on Pinterest below. (You may need to view it on the main page if it doesn’t show up in the reader.)

Annnndddd…. Please stay tuned for Keeping The Fifties Alive At Christmas! Part 2 which will feature a look at Christmas music from the Fabulous Rockin’ 50’s!

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