Life in the 1950's

Fifties Foto Flashback: You Can’t Trim With Us

Welcome to Fifties Foto Flashback! There are a billion photos on the internet of every single topic you can possibly think of and even of topics you never knew existed. Obviously, you will have a tendency to search for subjects that you are interested in. Seeing that we are well into the 21st Century, and preoccupied with current-day BS, (and man is it BS),  I had no idea how many photos there are of yesteryear. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many photos from the 1950’s, not only of celebrities, but of just regular folks too. These photos are vital to keeping the past alive for future generations. Each one is like a portal looking back into time, showing what it was like in The Best Era Ever.  In this section, I will feature some photos from the 1950’s that have really stood out to me amongst the many. I hope you like them. (Please remember I don’t own anything.)

Fifties Foto Flashback December 2018, S1 E2: “You Can’t Trim With Us”

For the December installment of “Fifties Foto Flashback”, naturally I want to show a photo of folks from the 1950’s at Christmastime.

I absolutely love this photo of four high school girls in the 1950’s trimming the classroom Christmas tree. I don’t know who they are or where they’re from, but maybe someone out there does. I used this photo last year in the entry Tinsel: Life in the ’50s Just Got a Whole Lot Messier. with the caption “Tinsel is SO Fetch!”

And now I’m oh-so cleverly entitling it: “You Can’t Trim With Us”


Four high school gals decorate the class tree in this circa 1950’s photo.


Yes, these gals certainly remind me of the 1950’s version of Mean Girls, although I’m surmising that even the meanest of girls weren’t all that terrible back in the 50’s. As I study this photo, I’m not sure if these young ladies are a mid-century version of The Plastics or if a couple of them are just having a bad time with that tinsel. But the look on the face of the girl by the tree on right hand side just cracks me up!

I like their outfits too… but could they maybe show a little less skin? They’re dressed just a tad too provocatively for class, don’t you think? After all, the girl looking at the camera is showing fully bare arms! And the other girls’ hands are showing! Oh my! (yes, that was sarcasm in case you’re not clear. 🙂 )

I also love the beautiful, classic ornaments on the tree and the Santa drawn on the chalkboard on the left!

This photo brings me great joy at Christmas time. I hope you enjoy it too. And I hope that where ever these dames are today, they’re enjoying a happy, healthy Holiday with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

Disclaimer: All photos and images in this section are used in the fair use/public domain context. I do not own any of these photos; the original owners retain all copyrights.