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Dream Blog: Cover Story

Warning: Posts in this segment may contain language that is inappropriate and/or offensive to some readers.

I had another dream about music when I should have had sugarplums dancing through my head early on Christmas Morning…

I dreamed I was riding my childhood bike which was in pretty good condition for being 25 years old. I stopped at the house of a woman who had promised me some odd jobs for cash. But instead of giving me work, she was talking to me about the new purple hair extensions she just got that made her look like an over-the-hill unicorn. Two doors down from her was a guy I had a crush on who didn’t know I was alive. I parked my bike in-between both their houses and sat there pondering what to do next. So why am I, a grown woman, dreaming about riding a bike, doing odd jobs and having a crush on the guy down the street? Simple. If you know me, I am one of those people that just never grew up, and I guess I’m the first to admit it.

Somewhere in the mix, I met a young gal who I began chatting with. We went over to her house and we were talking about the best places to shop in the area. One was a Czechoslovakian clothing boutique that it turns out we both shopped at (for the record, there’s no Czechoslovakian clothing boutique near me, it was just in the dream) The gal also told me that my bike needed fixing. The wheel frames were warped and I’d never make it home. I’d probably go faster without the training wheels too, she said. I told her my bike was fine, but she insisted on fixing it.

There was a radio playing and the song “Rave On!” came on. The gal was singing along with it… and I thought about how nice it is that I’m not the only one who loves music from the 50’s. It’s becoming quite popular in the retro sense… But then I realized the song we were listening to wasn’t the original. It was a cover. It wasn’t Buddy Holly singing and it didn’t have that signature 50’s sound.

A young man who was friends with the gal walked into the room. He was one of those 90’s/Y2K type guys with the loose-fitting jeans, a chain on his wallet and some crappy band t-shirt he bought at Hot Topic. And of course he wore a sock cap. He was something in between a grunge-loving skater dude and the predecessor to the current-day Hipster. He had a scruffy black and reddish-brown beard. He said something like, “I love this song. It’s The Rolling Stones, man.”

I listened closer, and son-of-a-bitch it WAS The Rolling Stones. I could hear the unmistakable grind of Mick’s voice singing: “Rave on! It’s a crazy feeling…”  

I was like WTF? A cover of “Rave On!” by The Rolling Stones? And at this late date? Fuckers. I tried to explain to the grunge-loving-skater-pre-hipster guy that it was a cover of the original 1958 song by Buddy Holly. Somehow, I don’t think he knew that. And he wasn’t listing to me. And what tells me that this guy thought “Rave On” means breaking out the glow sticks and MDMA? I continued by saying that I’m very picky about music and that the original version is much better. But he walked away as I was talking. Then the D.J. on the radio enthusiastically announced: “That was all NEW from The Rolling Stones! ‘RAVE ON!'”… It turns out that the song was climbing the charts as a new Stones hit with no mention of Buddy Holly. For shame. For fucking shame.

I don’t know what this dream means except that I think Buddy’s influence on Rock n Roll is underrated or at least, superseded by artists that came after him like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It’s the bands of the 60’s and 70’s that inevitably ended up stuffing early Rock into the “Malt Shop Oldies” pigeon hole along with the far-less sophisticated crap. It seems that ALL music from the 50’s became thought of as subpar once Progressive Rock emerged. Just the name “Oldies” insinuates that songs from the 50’s and early 60’s are antiquated and out-dated, rather than an important part of the flow of musical history.

Additionally, Mick Jagger was corrupting a song which is Buddy Holly’s and Buddy Holly’s alone. “Rave On!” is a sacred classic from romantic, innocent times gone by. For the love of God, do NOT let anyone else get their grimy vocals on it. No, it does it NOT make it OK that Mick Jagger himself is an icon. It’s Buddy’s fuckin’ song!

But I’m overreacting again. This dream was an exaggeration. No one’s forgotten the musical Pioneers of yesteryear. All bands and artists have given Buddy Holly perpetual credit for starting the Rock n Roll genre. (He, along with maybe a few other people). Plus pretty much all of Buddy’s songs have been covered in tribute at one time or another. Furthermore, “Rave On!” wasn’t written by Buddy Holly anyway. It was written by Joe “Sonny” West and Bill Tilghman. But that’s okay. We all know that. I know that the world isn’t that ignorant. I can relax now. The song was probably just stuck in my head again in-between Christmas Carols.

I’ll tell you what. Let’s blame Direct TV for this dream since they play “Rave On!” three times a day on their Malt Shop Favorites channel. It comes on like clockwork just after 2pm Pacific, two songs ahead of Elvis’s “I Need Your Love Tonight”. Scary how I know that. Personally, I have to have my fix of Buddy Holly like most people need their daily Starbucks. I missed it the last few days because of Christmas. Withdrawals. SMH. smiley_nope.gifc200

So, oh yeah, what happened with the gal and my bike? She fixed it and I rode home, presumably. That’s not really the point. There’s a Buddy Holly song in this dream. That’s good enough to make it blogworthy.

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