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Update: Retro Dee joins Grooveyard Website!


Hey there guys and dolls! I have an exciting announcement to make. Retro Dee’s Guide To The Best Era Ever will now have a blog spot on The Grooveyard Official Website at WCWPgrooveyard.com! I will be sharing some of my blogs each Wednesday on their site, so please check it out. And of course, be sure to tune in to The Grooveyard on WCWP 88.1 FM Saturday Nights 7-9 PM (ET) The Grooveyard is my favorite Oldies show and is hosted by D.J. Alan Seltzer who plays all your favorite hits from the 1950’s through the mid 1960’s. Each show has a special theme, a Top Ten Countdown from a specific year and the final hour features The Grooveyard Party Line which plays requests.

I, Retro Dee, would like to thank Alan Seltzer for featuring my blogs on the website of my very favorite radio program!

In this Update I would also like to introduce my new logos for Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever. They look alike, except the top one is more green and the bottom is more blue (at least, that’s how it looks on my browser) But apart from that, they are actually quite different: The top logo is a .jpg with a white background and the bottom one is a .png with a transparent background. I think I might finally be up to about 2003 with my computer graphics skills. They don’t call me “Retro” Dee for nothin’! šŸ™‚






Cute, yes? So please bookmark, follow and stay tuned for my upcoming post on the Fifties Fashion Fix segment of this site which will feature a Fifties favorite: The Sweater!


– dee