Life in the 1950's

Fifties Foto Flashback: Pennant Boy

Welcome to Fifties Foto Flashback! There are a billion photos on the internet of every single topic you can possibly think of and even of topics you never knew existed. Obviously, you will have a tendency to search for subjects that you are interested in. Seeing that we are well into the 21st Century, and preoccupied with current-day BS, (and man is it BS),  I had no idea how many photos there are of yesteryear. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many photos from the 1950’s, not only of celebrities, but of just regular folks too. These photos are vital to keeping the past alive for future generations. Each one is like a portal looking back into time, showing what it was like in The Best Era Ever.  In this section, I will feature some photos from the 1950’s that have really stood out to me amongst the many. I hope you like them. (Please remember I don’t own anything.)

Fifties Foto Flashback January 2019, S1 E3: “Pennant Boy”

For this episode of Fifties Foto Flashback, I would like to post a photo that I found on eBay. I checked back to see if it’s still up for sale, but have not come across it again so far. It’s a simple, yet great picture of a handsome young man in his room next to several pennants hanging on the wall. Recently, I’ve begun to collect vintage pennants and although I haven’t hung any up just yet, I’m trying to get ideas from actual photos from the 50’s on how to do it.


A teenage boy appears to make his bed in a room with several pennants on the wall circa 1950s.


This young man has hung the pennants pointing downward all strung together, rather than in separate locations all over the wall. Note the cute little lamp on the wall on the right with the boat steering wheel. Yeah, it’s kind of a simple photo and I have no idea who the young fella is, but I like the over all feeling of 1950’s it gives out. Included in the towns that the pennants are from is Milwaukee, the hub of Middle-Class America in the 50’s era, which makes this photo even more quintessential.

Well, Pennant Boy, wherever you are today, I hope that you are happy and healthy and full of fabulous memories of your youth in The Best Era Ever.

Disclaimer: All photos and images in this section are used in the fair use/public domain context. I do not own any of these photos; the original owners retain all copyrights.