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Update: Introducing… Holly!

Hi folks, it’s Retro Dee with another Update from Retro Dee’s Guide To The Best Era Ever!

Some of you might recall reading about my BFF (Best Feline Friend) Chelsea (aka Che, aka The Best Cat Ever) Sadly, my girl Chelsea went to Rainbow Bridge on November 30, 2018 at the age of 20 years.

When Chelsea died, I really didn’t want another cat. For what cat could possibly compare to my very best friend of 19 years? NO CAT, that’s what!

So I figured, I could just look at pictures of cats and read about cats and live vicariously through other people’s blogs and friends and family who have cats.

But soon I realized that just won’t get it. I went through “Kitty Withdrawal”– I needed cat companionship!

I began searching through the cat listings online when I found a small gray and white girl of about 2-3 years old looking for a permanent home. She was listed as loving laps and enjoys being petted.

So, to make a long story short, just a few days after finding the online listing, I have a new feline friend… Ladies and gentlemen, meet HOLLY!


Holly B.


Holly is named after my favorite singer/musician/person of all time, Charles Hardin “Buddy” Holly (1936-1959). Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m absolutely obsessed with Buddy Holly, so my new cat’s name had to be Holly! And the funny thing is, my Dad calls ALL animals “Buddy”, regardless of gender, species or age. To him, all pets are simply “Buddy”… So there ya go!

Holly has big, snow white paws which look like slippers and a light, white smudge on her face. She has peridot green-colored eyes and a charming little meow. She’s very playful, and after years of owning two senior cats, I completely forgot how nuts a cat can go over a little thing like a toy mouse. And she is fast! Sometimes it’s like there’s ten of her as she dashes from room to room. She doesn’t stay still very long unless she’s sleeping on the Princess chair up in the loft, which she has claimed as her own little bedroom. She is very bold about asking for what she wants, be it petting, a toy or treats. She is sooo spoiled!


Holly claimed this 7 foot by 5.5 foot loft complete with  a vintage Chippendales Princess chair as her bedroom!


Getting her to eat healthy cat food is proving to be a bit of a challenge. She wants cat treats all the time instead of regular food, but that’s not going to be all she gets. My late boy Jelly Bean used to pull that trick. His food bowl would be full but he’d meow and follow you around the kitchen as if to say: “No, I do NOT want this cat food, I want the treats instead!”

She’ll walk across anything, which is another challenge, because we don’t particularly want her on the counters or the table tops. She somehow managed to walk across my messy, cluttered desk without knocking anything over and without stepping on her namesake’s CD cover. Typical cat: A+ in agility! She also loves heights and is always looking UP. The house I live in has very high ceilings and beams and she thinks she’s an acrobat. Actually, she is. All cats are. 🙂


Looking up: What to explore next?


Well, we’ve only had her for a week, but here’s what we’ve learned about Holly so far: She loves heights, enjoys exploring, her afternoon nap lasts 6 hours, she’s great at playing “Toss the Mouse” and her favorite TV show is Masked Singer.

She is turning out to be quite a source of entertainment and she has started to sit on laps which means she likes her new humans! However, I don’t think Holly is ready to take a job as my secretary just yet– but perhaps she will consider sitting with me when I’m writing. Maybe she will enjoy minding my notepads and pens like Chelsea used to do. But for now, Holly is a happy, energetic little girl who, like all cats, thinks everything is for her. And you know what? It is!


Holly pauses on the sun room table in-between exploring action.

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