Update: Retro Dee is Now on Twitter!


Yes, it is true! Retro Dee is now on Twitter! Please try to contain yourselves…

But seriously, folks… Let it be known that I am not the biggest fan of Social Media. I really was a bit apprehensive about creating a Twitter account. After all, I’m just a regular gal with a small town blog.  Perhaps a Twitter account isn’t necessary for someone who claims to want to live in the past? But I figured I’d give it a shot. If nothing else I have place to post my quiz results from Zimbio. Actually I think Twitter (when used in moderation) can be a useful tool. Although, like many things on the internet, it can be a tad addictive.

So if you want to Follow Me on Twitter, that would be great!

If you’re one of my WP Peeps, I’m probably already following you. I do think it’s cool how Twitter and WP can be intertwined. I chose the biggest Birdie icon you can pick for my front page. It looks like The Bluebird of Happiness. Now if only it were…

But seriously. I’m starting to wonder if the whole damn world is on freakin’ Twitter. At least, the whole celebrity world, which lets face it, is a different dimension from our own. Seeing all the stars’ accounts on there is kind of mind-blowing. I mean, I’m following Jerry Lee Lewis’s account. You got that? Jerry Lee Lewis, one of the greatest music legends of all time is on TWITTER! I always picture Jerry Lee Lewis as a young, wild-haired rebel jumping up on top of a piano in front of a sea of shocked poodle skirt-wearing teens. But he’s here, in 2019, on Twitter. It’s like some kind of space-time-continuum paradox. It reminds me of when Buddy Holly was in Pulp Fiction (actually, that was Steve Buscemi playing Buddy Holly, but it was still weird.) Hm. Maybe I’ll follow Dion next.

One thing that’s cool about Twitter is I can just type a quick one-line update instead of writing a whole long entry, like the one you’re reading now. For example I can say “I hate self-cleaning ovens, the smell gives me a headache.” Otherwise I’d have to bother a friend and complain to them about it. But Twitter allows me to get my frustration about self-cleaning ovens off my chest without bothering anyone… Unless, of course, you happen to be following me on there.

Well, folks, the best I can do is try to follow the advice of THE FONZ… (I know I’ve used this meme just recently, but it bears repeating.)

meme from musicianmemes.com

Tweet soon!

– dee