Keeping the '50s Alive!

Keeping the 50’s Alive: Personality Quizzes!

Hello there! I’m Retro Dee and Welcome to another fab edition of Keeping the 50’s Alive!

I think it’s kind of ironic that we can keep the 50’s alive with stuff that’s posted on the internet, since the 1950’s were eons away from the Information Age we live in now. Yet the internet is the tool for looking up facts and learning about history, such as the Best Era Ever. It’s also good for some plain ole stupid fun when you’re bored. For example, online quizzes. You know, the ones that will help you determine which Disney Princess you are or which Game of Thrones character you’re most like. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. 🙂 )

Online quizzes became extremely popular about 15 years ago. Now they are just as popular, only more fancy because of flash and all that tech crap. Personally, I told myself I’d outgrown online quizzes, but that was a lie. And no use in lying to yourself, right?

Ah, here’s one now, from ZIMBIO… What Decade Do You Belong in?

Oh look! I got the 1950’s! Who could have foreseen this?!

My obvious result from the What Decade Do You Belong In? Quiz (by Jill Slattery)


And here is a list of MORE great quizzes inspired by the 1950’s era:

Please note: I had trouble embedding these directly from the results links, so I had to make the links manually and add the pictures that go with the quizzes. Some pics I had to improvise due to formatting issues.

Click the quiz title – which is also a hyperlink – to take the quizzes and get your own results!

Which Classic Hollywood Actress Are You?

(written by Brian Galindo of Buzzfeed Staff)

I got Elizabeth Taylor!

This is a favorite topic for gals. You might find out you’re Marilyn, Audrey, or four other possibilities. I got Elizabeth Taylor. It says:

“You got: Elizabeth Taylor. There is one word that perfectly describes you: GLAMOROUS. But there is more to you than just glamour, you’re also fearless, dynamic, and generous. Your most iconic films: “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Cleopatra,” and “A Place in the Sun.”

Honestly, I’m not sure I agree with that because I’m not that glamorous and I take love WAY too seriously to get married 8 times, but let’s not split hairs!


Which I Love Lucy Character Are You?

(written by Lani Conway on Zimbio)

Ethel graphic from Which I Love Lucy Character Are You? by Lani Conway

I got Ethel, which makes sense, since I’m always concerned about retributions. Then again, I go along with a lot of stuff anyway. Totally Ethel! This quiz has four outcomes, one for each character.


Which Iconic 50’s Woman Are You Most Like?

This 10-question quiz on Quiz Lady has 5 possible outcomes. And guess what? I got Elizabeth Taylor again! It says:

Elizabeth Taylor was unquestionably one of a kind. As the last major movie star to have come out of the Hollywood studio system, Taylor was known internationally for her beauty, especially her enchanting violet eyes. Much like Ms. Taylor you are a beautiful and complex woman. You captivate with your talents and beauty, but leave others truly awed when you let your vulnerability shine through.”

Not sure what that means, but there you go. (author of quiz is not posted)


What Type of 1950’s Housewife Would You Be? 

(written by TheRoseBud on Playbuzz.Com)

I really don’t think this is me, but this is what I got:

Photo from What Type of 1950’s Housewife Would You Be? on Playbuzz.Com

The Alluring Housewife

“You are sexy and keep your husband on his toes. Although he often wonders what you’re really doing while he’s at work. Have you flirted with the milk man today? You use your charm to gain power and control over those closest to you. One of your best assets is your beauty and your unwavering ability to get what you want.”

No, that’s definitely not me… Great pictures, though!

But just in case I don’t want to be a housewife at all, I took this next quiz:

What Kind of Job Would You Have Had in the 1950s?

(by Fran Harris on Playbuzz.Com)

I got:


Yeah, that sounds about right.


The next quiz I took was…

What is Your 50’s Anthem?

(written by Jonathan Beornston The 1st on Playbuzz.Com)

I got:


I don’t know about it fitting my personality, but I love that song!


This next one is more about the 70’s since that’s when “Happy Days” was made, but it took place in the 50’s and is one of my favorite old shows.

Which Happy Days Character Are You?

I got Richie!

(by Madison Medeiros, Buzzfeed Community Contributor)

This one was really fun to take. I got Richie. It says:

“You got: Richie

Ah, the All-American. You’ve got it all, kid — looks, brains, and a wild sense of humor. Never afraid of a challenge, you go after what you want. Just don’t cross you, bucko!”


I guess I agree with the result, but I think it means I’m just too nice for my own good. Kind of like Pat Boone and Captain Kangaroo!


Which Rock Legend Are You Most Like?

This one was written by… oh that’s right, ME. (On Playbuzz.Com)

I took my own quiz and got Freddie Mercury:

Embed from Getty Images

Freddie Mercury

“You got Freddie Mercury. You are amazing, fun, creative and have a sensitive side. You are also educated, inspirational and truly love what you do. People are awed by you, especially those closest to you.” 

Even though he’s not from my favorite time period, according to my own questions, I’m most like Freddie Mercury. I guess I can’t argue with myself. Only two of the six possible results are from the 50’s era, but all the results are cool because they’re all Rock Stars, baby! (This quiz can be taken by both men and women)


So I hope you enjoyed my post on Personality Quizzes inspired by the 1950’s. If you have some extra time, take a few, they’re really fun!

Til next time mes amies, au revior!

– dee