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Fifties Foto Flashback: Every Man’s Nightmare

Fifties Foto Flashback March 2019, S1 E5: “Every Man’s Nightmare: Retro Cheerleaders”

For this episode of Fifties Foto Flashback, let’s have a look at Cheerleaders in the 1950’s era. And, to every man’s utter disappointment, there’s not much to look at. Yes, it’s hard to believe that there was a time in which Cheerleading did not mean showing T&A. In fact, it didn’t even mean showing legs above the knee.


An example of 1950’s cheerleaders via Pinterest


These gals are classy AND have team spirit, something we, today, know nothing about. Although, I will admit it must have been hard to move around in skirts that long. In this particular photo (believe it or not) the gals are actually wearing shorter skirts than some of the ones I’ve seen from yesteryear. Many cheerleaders back then wore skirts that  were as long as tea length!  Let’s face it, tea length cheerleading skirts are ridiculous. Even I think that was too damn conservative! I mean, if you’re going to have cheerleaders, at least allow them to be able to MOVE.

Well, that’s it for the fifth installment of Fifties Foto Flashback. Due to the vast array of photos featured in this section, it’s sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to trace back the origins of the photos that I want to use. Therefore I can’t give proper credit to their owners.

This cheerleading photo has been posted on Pinterest by several users so all I can do I stay it’s not mine and is part of the Public Domain. If you have more information, please contact me, preferably without biting my head off. I’m into giving credit whenever I can, even removing content if I have to, just ask nicely. 🙂

So au revoir, for now mens amies have a lovely retro day.

– dee

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