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Holly B.’s Hoppy Happy Easter Update!


Hey there! It’s Retro Dee with another Update from Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever!

So it’s been two whole months since Holly B. joined our family and she is the best cat, y’all! Not only is she so stinkin’ cute, she is also super affectionate and a complete RIOT! She makes me laugh just when I think I might never smile again… and let’s face it, that’s why we love having pets so much. They make us happy even on the darkest of days.

In the past several weeks she has claimed the entire house as hers… she now has nine official designated Sleeping Spots. She enjoys being petted on the top of her head and at the sides of her neck. When you pet her, sometimes she’ll roll over and flop off the bed and land on her feet to score a Perfect 10! She also sleeps on tops of the living room chairs in the funniest way:


Holly’s crazy sleeping habits!


But my favorite thing that she does is run around the house with her little blue mouse in her mouth. We call it her “baby”. She will carry that thing up and down the stairs and she even jumps on and off the bed with it! She’s like a toddler with a stuffed toy. When she finds the right spot, she’ll drop it on the floor under the rungs of a chair or just under the leg of the table. Then she’ll attack it from an angle. It’s really interesting to watch, it’s like she wants to place the mouse in an obstacle course so she can challenge herself! 🐭


Holly loves her “baby” a little blue mouse from Petco


Holly’s always mewing and she can hold a mew for several seconds. Sometimes it sounds like she’s complaining, but I say she’s just very talkative. Or sometimes it’s like she’s asking a question when it sounds like she’s saying “Eh???” And the other day, she actually meowed in the middle of a YAWN! What talent!

Oh, and she will NOT be ignored. If I’m listening to music and it’s too loud, she will MEOW over the music to be heard. It’s like she’s saying: “Hello?? Will you turn that crap down? I’m talking over here!!” 😀

So as you can imagine, she’s really spoiled. She licks the gravy off her Rachael Ray cat food and leaves the rest. She mostly eats dry food and a few kitty treats, but I refuse to give her any people food, even though she likes to sniff at whatever I get from the cupboard.

She loves to climb and she’s turned the prized indoor palm plant into a kitty gym.  And of course, she has her very own cat tree which is placed by the window so she can perch and look out at the trees and mountains:

Holly’s cat tree with a view of the mountains of Northern California.


But the adventure does not end there. She is quite the little acrobat! She climbs up on the high ceiling beams and she can even balance herself on the railing which is only 3.5″ across! It looks like she is walking on a tightrope. You don’t think she’s planning on running away with the circus, do you? 🤡

A house complete with a built-in cat gym!


For down time she enjoys many comforts such as the super soft tiger print blanket. And like all cats, she likes sleeping on magazines, envelopes, books… anything paper. I still don’t know why cats do this. Maybe I should post it as a question on Quora…

Anyway, she’s claimed this Priority Mail envelope as her own. It’s a permanent fixture in the hallway now. Ah, but what can you do? Cats think everything is for and about them!

It looks like she has only 3 legs but her front paw is all the way behind her! LMAO!


I’ve given Holly several nick-names already, something I do when I’m very fond of someone. Some of her nick-names are: “Little Snow Shoes”, “White Streak”, “Seedy-Beady”, “Shifty”, “Oreo Foot” and “The New Girl”.

Holly seems excited that Spring is finally here, but we’re going to try to make sure she is strictly an indoor cat. So far she seems happy with the sliding doors open, looking out through the screen! 🐱

So that’s it for now, but we just want to say:

🐰🌷🐰“Have A Hoppy Happy Easter Day!”🐥🌷🐥




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