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Retro Dee Reviews: Elvis Live 1955 – The Hayride Shows

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Retro Dee Reviews:

“Elvis Presley: Live 1955 Hayride Shows” (part of The Magic Collection series by ARC Records)




I came across this rather basic-looking Elvis CD at an Estate Sale. I’ve been going to Flea Markets and Estate Sales for about 10 years now, and only recently have I taken a second look at the CDs folks are selling. Since my appreciation of music has reached far beyond what is currently on the Top 10, the $2 used CDs table has finally caught my eye.

At this particular sale, I bought 3 CDs: Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits, The Gipsy Kings and the Elvis CD which I’m about to review.

But first, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Whenever I leave a Flea Market or an Estate Sale, I’m always asking myself: “Why the hell did I just buy that?” about at least one or two items. I’m kind of a manic spender when I’m in the middle of a sale, and I never, ever want to leave empty-handed. This time, the “Why the hell” question was about a cat figurine that looks like it’s auditioning for the role of Church in Pet Sematary. It’s ugly. Why the hell did I buy it?

But the good news is, I had no qualms about the 3 CDs. I got Patsy Cline even though I’m not a huge Country music fan, because I love her voice. I purchased The Gipsy Kings, who I’ve liked since I was a kid, but never had their CD. And Elvis, well, it’s Elvis. And here’s the coolest part: It’s Elvis LIVE!

Yes, I know it says that in the title. You’d think I wouldn’t have been so surprised when I put the CD on and heard the girls screaming in the background. But it didn’t truly hit me that I was listening to a LIVE recording of Elvis back in the 1950’s until I actually had the CD in the player. Holy heck, there was a guy introducing him and everything. Elvis talks to the audience, complete with his famous “Uh, thank you very much” bit. I also love the way he calls everyone “friends”. And of course, he introduces his back-up band, The Jordanaires. It’s very different hearing a live show from those days, as opposed to recordings made in a studio– and what’s more, it is the best I’ve ever heard Elvis sound.

Gee whiz! Elvis had some fierce energy in those days when he was in front of an audience. In all honesty, I find some of Elvis’s studio recordings to lack the spark of pure adrenaline-pumping energy as found in artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly. Yes, Elvis was good, but not to the exciting caliber of the aforementioned others– just my opinion of course… But in “Live 1955 Hayride Shows”… man, Elvis was rockin’! His voice was pure magic. I guess that’s why they call this series “The Magic Collection”.  At any rate, I’m really glad that I bought this CD.

Okay, you ask, So what songs are on it???

There are a total of 14 songs:

The first being 1. “Heartbreak Hotel” which is insanely good in this live version.

Then 2. “Long Tall Sally”. It’s cool when Elvis introduces this as Little Richard’s song and notes that he has never met him (I’m assuming — yet?)

Then the next five songs are:  3. “I Was The One” (my favorite!), 4. “Money Honey”, 5. Ray Charles’s “I Got A Woman”, 6. Carl Perkins’s “Blue Suede Shoes”, and of course, 7. “Hound Dog”.

The 8th track is an interview that took place years later in 1965 in Arkansas. Elvis sounds more sure of himself here as he answers questions like “Who are your favorite movie stars?” But especially interesting in this segment, is when Elvis talks about Rock N Roll and whether or not he thinks it’s a passing fad!

Here’s the part where I get lost again and blame it on being a dumb brunette. I can’t tell if songs 9-15 are back at the Hayride Shows or later on… It sounds like we’re back at the Hayride Shows, in which case I’m not sure why they put the ’65 interview in the middle, but, anyway.

The next seven songs are as follows: 9. “Baby Let’s Play House”, 10. Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline”, 11. “That’s Alright Mama”, 12. “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, 13. “There’s Good Rockin’ Tonight”, 14. “I Got A Woman” (alternate version), and 15. “Tweedle Dee” (not sure what happened to Tweedle Dum. HA!.. No? Ok…)

This CD is a Dutch import and a division of Telesonic Holland. But unlike many imports, you can get this one for wicked cheap. “The Magic Collection” has a whole slew of CDS. Some are recorded live, most aren’t, but they have over 60 artists to choose from so it’s probably worth checking out.

One more thought: I’m not sure if the Hayride Show on this CD was actually recorded in 1955. I know it says “1955”, which would imply that is, indeed, the year it was recorded. Except that I just read that The Jordanaires didn’t begin performing with Elvis until ’56. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs, but maybe it says “1955” because it rhymes with “Live”? No, I’m serious. Catchy titles are important.

At any rate, this is a great CD, the quality is good especially considering how old the recordings are. If you haven’t heard Elvis in a Live recording, since this one takes place in the Good Ole Days, I recommend it to anyone who loves the 1950’s as much as I do!

Retro Dee Unofficial Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 4/5 Stars

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My other estate sale finds: pink poodle, hat boxes, small clock and that ugly-ass cat figurine.

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