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Update: Some Questions Answered


Hello folks! Retro Dee with another update. I have a few things to cover in this update, so please bear with me.

First, The Liebster Award. Since I got nominated, some of my friends and family have been asking me when the winner will be announced. I want to explain that with the Liebster award, there is no ONE winner. All the nominees are considered winners because they were recommended by their fellow bloggers.

I nominated weselena54: Follow The Yellow Brick Road – Laughing All The Way. She answered my 6 questions in a wonderful post, and she nominated me back.  I’m not going to nominate more people right now, since I already did that recently, but here are my answers to her questions:

1.  How do you come up with what to write about? I picked a topic that I love and went from there. I try to keep a variety of topics within the 1950’s theme.

2. Who is your favorite Author? Last time I said Judy Blume, but this time I’ll say Beverly Cleary. They were both my favorites when I was a kid.

3. Do you have any hobbies? Not really, blogging keeps me busy. I guess singing could be considered a hobby!

4. What do you like best about blogging? Sharing information and ideas with people.

5. What famous person would you like most to be like? In other words, who inspires you the most? In that context, probably Frida Kahlo because she took her misfortune of suffering from an accident and applied it to art and self-expression. She was not afraid to use art to look deep into her own soul.

6 .What is your favorite part of the country? This will sound strange, but I honestly don’t know! I’ve only ever been to Massachusetts and I live in California and I can tell you it’s neither of those, LOL! I think it could possibly be West Texas because of the music history there or maybe some parts of the northern mid-west. But I have never been to either, so I can’t say for certain.

Thank you, weselena54 for such great questions!

Next is… what’s up next! Coming up in the next week or so, I’ll have a post on The Grooveyard‘s 5th annual Summer Song Survey, so stay tuned. My post on Peggy Sue’s Cruise & Car Show is up now, featuring 20 photos! So have a look if you haven’t yet!

Finally, I changed the front page menus by adding a Social Media page to the top bar menu and removing “Fifties Foto Flashback” and “Retro Dee’s Dream Blog” from the side bar menu. So those two categories are off the menu– sort of like the short ribs at Bird and Bottle. But UNlike the short ribs, you can still get them through their parent categories: “Life in the 50’s” and “This Time It’s Personal”. I will still be adding posts to each from time to time. Like, whenever I feel like it, basically. 🙂

So please stay tuned this summer and follow me here on WordPress and also on Twitter @RealRetroDee and Instagram @mariepascal82 .

– Retro Dee