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Fifties Foto Flashback: At The Fair

Fifties Foto Flashback E6: “At The Fair”

I’ve seen this photo in at least two places, Pinterest and Instagram. I call it “At The Fair” because I’m assuming it was taken at some kind of fair or carnival, and I’m not feeling particularly creative today. Anyway, I just think this photo is so cute the way it captures the happiness and innocence of the era:


A fella wins a giant panda for his gal- and even carries it for her!


I kind of assumed that he won the panda toy for her, and not the other way around. In today’s world that assumption would be considered sexist, but let’s say it’s NOT today’s world, let’s say it’s the 50’s, so it’s romantic. ❤

They’re an adorable couple. He’s cute and she’s pretty and she rocks the short hair style that was popular for gals in the late 50’s. It looks like it might be a chilly evening since she’s got her cardigan on and he has his letter jacket. Maybe it’s not summer after all, and it’s an autumn festival.

As always, if you have any information on this photo, or know where I can give credit to the original owner, please contact me. I’m into giving credit whenever I can, even removing content if I have to.

And remember: If you go to a fair this summer and you win a giant panda, 60+ years from now you might end up with your photo on some space podcast blog with someone saying “This photo captures the happiness and innocence of the era.”

Hey. They don’t have to know.




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