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A Post About Nothing

Warning: language

I was going to put this in the “Activities and Events” section, but what’s so interesting about going out for lunch and then going to a gift shop afterwards?


Then again, it worked for Seinfeld.

So here’s a post about nothing.

Last Thursday I wore my Heart of Haute top with a pair of tight, high-waisted pants and went out with the folks for some Mexican food. The day before it was 105 degrees here in Santa Rosa, and although it plummeted down to 65, the restaurant and stores still had their air conditioning set on “Arctic Tundra”. It was a good thing I brought a sweater.

At lunch we chatted about how it was both the 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road AND the 50th anniversary of the pilot episode of “The Brady Bunch”. Now if that’s not epic, I don’t know what is.

After lunch, my Mom and I stopped at the gift shop in the shopping center. For some reason, they never have what I’m looking for and the things I like are way over-priced, but that’s a gift shop for you.

Their Halloween decorations are always amazing, very classy but still spooky and fun. There seems to be less Halloween stuff this year, and in the corner there’s already a Christmas display. I was like WTF? I mean give me a break, it’s still fucking September!

One of the women working there commented on how cute my purse was. It’s a Rebecca Minkoff mini tote bag that I chose because it’s the most retro looking design they had. Before I could even thank her, the woman looked at my outfit and said, “You really like black, huh?”

And I was like “I never thought about it, woman!” But of course I didn’t say that. I just smiled and said “Yeah, I wear a lot of black”.

I really don’t know about the people in there. They range from cold and elusive to friendly, in a weird sort of way. Like when I paid for the card I bought, I had exact change and the girl was so excited that she announced it to the whole store by shouting: “Oh my GOD! Exact change! I LOVE IT!” Then she couldn’t figure out how to open the cash register. Please. Even I can do that.

But to me the funniest thing about this particular store is the music. I was looking at a mirror compact with a llama on it, when The Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved” came on the sound system. I thought I was hearing things. I almost dropped the compact. When I’m at home, I only listen to oldies…  so sometimes if I’m out somewhere and there’s music on, I’ll think I’m hearing a certain song only to find out it’s something far more recent. I’m just so used to hearing 50’s and 60’s music. And in particular, I’m always listening to The Everly Brothers. That’s why I thought I was hearing things again.

But no, it was really on. The music in that shop plays anything that’s in the soft rock genre so I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I just was. I mean, let’s be honest. The truth is, that the music in most stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices etc… doesn’t go back further than the 1970’s.

The person in front of me turned around and looked at me weird. I guess because I still looked surprised. So then I smiled, but she didn’t. Then it was my turn to pay and the girl at the register took my rewards card and said she didn’t know what to do with it.

So there’s my post about nothing. Thanks for reading, if you did. Next post will have a topic. Maybe even more than one topic. I promise!

– dee

My Rebecca Minkoff “Avery” Micro-Mini Tote bag gets lots of compliments.

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