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Holly B.’s Fabulous Fall Update!


Hey there folks! Welcome to Update featuring Holly B.!

Holly wants to remind us that Fall is here. That means cooler days, spooky nights and lots of feline fun! We adopted Holly in February, so this is our very first Fall season with her.

Lately, she has become quite the little athlete, although I’m not sure what sport she’s playing. Her new favorite thing to do is bat around crumpled up balls of tissue paper. I think she’s playing soccer or hockey– but yesterday she tackled my legs head-on so maybe she’s ready for football season.

Annnddd… as of September 30, 2019, Holly B. is 4 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!

Four years has nothing on her. She’s still very active… that is, when she’s not sleeping, which is about 23 hours a day. 🙂



Oh yes, and if you’re wondering what the “B” in Holly’s name stands for, it’s for Buddy. Duh.

Now on with the update!

For the month of October here on Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever, we’re going to keep with a Fall/Spooky theme. In honor of Halloween, there will be posts about creepy things, icky things and maybe even a little horror… of course all with a Retro 1950’s Theme.

Speaking of Retro Themes, remember to head on over to The Grooveyard where oldies come alive and vote for your favorite songs in the eighth annual Great 88! There are many songs to choose from and you’ll want your favorites to make the countdown, so  GET VOTING!

Holly B. logs onto WCWP.org to listen to The Grooveyard online.


Also, Holly wants to remind y’all to get your copy of Passion Pinups Magazine this month. The Fall issue includes a spread featuring her 3rd favorite human, Retro Dee! (I figure that I’m her 3rd favorite, out of the humans she knows. I guess I could move up to second if I stop taking pictures of her when she’s trying to sleep, but we’ll work on that later.)

Holly also says that you can follow us on Instagram @mariepascal82 . She has some “supurr” cute photos and “pawsome” videos that she likes to share with the cat-loving public!

So have a fabulous Fall and remember- adopt don’t shop!


🐾 💋

– Holly B. &  Retro Dee