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Dream Blog: The Down Side of Lucid Dreaming

Hello, readers! It’s Retro Dee with another “Dream Blog” entry.

One of my interests (besides the 1950s) are dreams. I’ve been an avid dreamer my whole life. Most of my dreams play out as if I were in a movie. They are so clear and real, very detailed and I remember most everything.

For those of you who are interested in dreams, particularly lucid dreaming, I had a strange experience with it just recently.

But first let me back-track.

Although my dreams are vivid, I have not had a lot of success with lucid dreaming. A “lucid dream” is a dream in which you know you are dreaming, and you can actually control what’s going on. But I only have half of that concept down. I have many dreams in which I know it’s a dream, but I still have no control.

This dream is one where my awareness actually backfired! Once I became aware it was just a dream, not only was I unable to control it, it actually caused the dream to fade away… which was the opposite of what I wanted.

I dreamed that I was in a very big, contemporary house. The walls and doors were white, the rooms were large, the carpet was a beige color. It was basic, but it was clean and had plenty of space. I have no idea who owned the house, or even why I was there.

There was no real time period, but it didn’t appear to be the 1950’s nor was it specifically “now”. It wasn’t an issue what year it was. I was young, much younger than I am now, yet nothing like the person I actually was when I was in my early 20’s.

The Everly Brothers were there, in the house, along with some other nondescript people. Don and Phil were about the ages they were in the early 1960’s… Essentially, all three of us we were in our very early 20’s. Of course, that would be impossible since The Everly Brothers were already in their 40’s when I was born.

All of us who were staying in the house were planning on going out for dinner in one big group. I was sitting on a couch next to Phil Everly. We were dressed in casual, contemporary clothing. He was wearing dark, charcoal colored pants, and he had a black sweater over a burgundy colored button-up shirt which you could see the bottom of under the sweater. I was wearing pants and a nondescript neutral colored top. My hair was straight. Phil’s hair was in the style of the late 50’s, early 60’s. Basically, he looked exactly like he did in the photos from that time.

As we sat there, I was very nervous, but in a good way. We were sitting only two or three inches apart and he was on my left. I kept glancing over at him, shyly. I could see the color of his eyes, sort of greenish, grayish, clear blue. He smiled at me and finally he said that we should go to dinner, just the two of us, without the rest of the group. It was the invitation I’d been waiting for.

“I’d like to take you out,” he said.
I agreed and smiled.
Then he said something like, “great.”

We both got up from the couch and I said that I just needed to get changed into one of my dresses. My clothes were in a room in the house that I’d been in previously. I think I was staying in that room. Phil said sure, get ready and we can go.

His smile was so gorgeous; he was so gorgeous… I could barely think or get any words out. I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the dinner, I was so nervous, but so overjoyed at the same time.

We walked down the hall into another bedroom and Phil lay down on the bed. The bed spread was yellow with a muted floral design. I bent down over him and hugged him. But that’s all I did. I stood back up. I wanted to kiss him, but I thought I should wait for the end of our date because that would be more romantic… and if we had any kind of future, I didn’t want to rush things.
I told him I’d see him soon, and set out to find that room my dresses were in.

That’s when I realized I was lost. The house was huge and all the doors looked the same. I went into several rooms, but none of them were the room my dresses were in. Over and over I was certain I was in the right place, only to find I wasn’t…

As I was walking down one of the halls, I saw Phil again, talking to some friends. I sheepishly told him I couldn’t find my room. He said something like:
“Oh, just go all the way down the hall to the left. It should be that door.”
I smiled and thanked him and said I’d be back soon. I still wasn’t sure exactly where to go and I didn’t want him to think I was stupid.

As I continued to search for the room that had my suitcase of dresses, I became aware that I was dreaming. Thoughts in my head were saying “this can’t be real, this is only a dream”… I began to tell myself to stay asleep and keep the dream going. I didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t want to miss my date with Phil.

“I can do this,” I thought. “I can control this dream. I can make it what I want. And I want to find my dresses then go back and find Phil.”

But reality began to rapidly set in: Phil Everly is dead, I thought. He was 40+ years older than me. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. And seriously? Phil Everly asking ME out? I couldn’t even get the non-popular guys to notice me!


I began to feel frustration as the doors and the house around me began to fade and dissipate… I opened my eyes and became fully awake.

After that dream, I wondered: what happened? How come I couldn’t control it? It does stand to reason that in a fantasy scenario of a dream, once you realize it’s a dream and the situation can’t be possible, you can’t maintain it.

Perhaps I have the concept of lucid dreaming all wrong?

Maybe I should read up on it again.



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