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Musical Misconceptions – Special Addendum: Oh, Neil!

Hello folks! It’s Retro Dee with a special addendum edition of “Musical Misconceptions”!

Last week, I talked about two songs, both with the girl’s name “Carol” in their titles.

The second song was “Oh! Carol”, a Malt Shop era hit by Neil Sedaka. I was reminded by D.J. Alan Seltzer of The Grooveyard that the Carol being referred to in that song, is actually singer/song-writer and actress Carole King!

Yes, Carole King and Neil Sedaka had a relationship, and by the lyrics of that song, it sounds like a tumultuous one.

It was also brought to my attention by D.J. Alan Seltzer, that Ms. King actually made a REPLY SONG to Neil’s “Oh! Carol” and called it? What else? “Oh, Neil!”

And here it is…


How about that!?

By the flippant tone of the humorous lyrics it sounds like she’s — what do the kids today say? — “trolling” poor ole Neil. But what do we know for sure? Well, all we really know is that we have two great talents writing songs about each other and entertaining the masses… and isn’t that what the Music Industry is about? Entertaining the masses!

So next time you hear “Oh! Carol” remember that “Oh, Neil!” isn’t far behind… And if you write a song about another songwriter, you might just get a reply… whether you want it or not!

Carole King and Neil Sedaka dated back in the day.


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