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Fifties Foto Flashback: Christmas Couple ’55

Hi folks, Retro Dee here with another Fifties Foto Flashback!

Fifties Foto Flashback S1 E9: “Christmas Couple ’55”

This is the last Fifties Foto Flashback for this season— the “Finale”, I guess you could say.

It’s a glimpse into a Christmas Past, Christmas 1955, to be exact.

1955 looked like it was a good year, and since it was almost 30 years before I was even born, I can’t say that it wasn’t.

This couple appears to be happy, posing by the Christmas tree. What I like the best about this photo, however, is the way the room is decorated.




I like the use of multiple shelves and all the figurines on them. The tall shelf on the left looks like it might be built into the wall. Most of the items on that shelf are Christmas-related, including a Virgin Mary statue. And there’s a waving Santa on the bottom on the floor. I also really dig the shelf on the right, just behind them. Those figurines appear to be typical everyday items of the era.

The tree is flocked, drenched in tinsel, of course! I like how he’s dressed in a tux and she has a chic-looking dress or jacket and skirt suit (can’t really tell) It’s not too over-the-top formal, but it’s still really sophisticated. And of course she is smiling; that bright, full smile with those gorgeous cheekbones that no one has anymore.

The pattern on the chair is so classic too!

So wherever these two folks are today, I hope they are happy, as they appear to be in this photo of a Christmas nearly 65 years ago.

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