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Holly’s Happy Holiday Update!


Happy HOLLY-days, folks and Welcome to Update featuring Holly B!

Well this is our very first Christmas with Holly B. We adopted her on February 18, 2019 and we’ve been charmed ever since!

Who wouldn’t be charmed by a cat who sleeps like this?!


Holly was aptly named, since she seems to really dig Christmastime. Of course, she was actually named after my favorite singer, Buddy Holly (whose surname was originally spelled “Holley”.)

Holly is proud of her name and wears a collar with – what else? – holly on it. Make that TWO collars with holly on them! (Collar #1 is from SLWDesignsCo. Collar #2 is from Pugs2Persians)


Holly in her holly collar from SLWDesignsCo.


Holly in Pugs2Persians Collar


The English word “holly” as we know, describes a plant with red berries and prickly green leaves. It originated from the Old English word “holen”. It then became “hollin”, in Middle English, later still, “hollen” and finally, it evolved into the word we know today:


Those with the surname (either spelled “Holley” or “Holly”) had English ancestors who lived among holly plants. This makes the surname a topographical one, rather than a name derived from an occupation, such as “Baker”.

In the late 1970’s, Holly became popular as a first name for girls. Its popularity as a first name has since waned quite a bit. But new first names are coming into vogue, taken from last names all the time… like, oh, say Everly would be an example!

Holly reminds me to stay on topic:



Right, then! So, it’s Christmastime and Holly is helping me decorate. Okay, maybe not “helping” as much as interfering, but she sure is cute. The other day she needed to take a “time out” because she got a little too excited around all the decorations. So much shiny stuff. What’s a cat to do?


Holly “helping” me decorate!


Last week, Holly received an adorable Christmas Card from Peaches the Tuxedo Cat, Daisy Bunny and Pepper the dog, her friends on Instagram. She gets more mail than I do! (Well, not really. 🙂 )

Holly was excited to get a card from Peaches the Tuxedo Cat!


Holly always enjoys looking out the glass sliding window, especially at night, but she’s not allowed to go outside. She likes the Christmas Polar Bear Trio, I think. But here she’s probably looking at a moth.

Holly looking out with Polar bears in the background.


She also loves the main tree, which is about 4 feet tall and sits on a covered table in the living room. This was also a favorite spot of Chelsea’s for many Christmases.

Holly under tree stylized at imagechef.com


So the question is… has Holly been naughty or nice? BOTH, I’d say! She is the sweetest, cuddliest girl, but sometimes she gets a wild streak, like when she knocked over Chelsea’s Memorial Tree during the annual Christmas Dinner Party. Good thing that tree is only 15 inches and sits close to the ground!


Christmas Tree in Memory of Chelsea (1998-2018)


Then, on Tuesday, December 17th at approximately 7AM, a crime was committed. One of the ceramic glittery Christmas trees was knocked from its place on the windowsill and down to the tile floor (which cracked upon impact) The decorative tree split into 3 pieces. There were no witnesses, but the prime suspect is Holly B. Catt, who will neither confirm nor deny her innocence.

This glitter Christmas tree decoration was broken in 3 pieces when someCAT knocked it off the windowsill!


Later that same morning, Holly was seen playing with a small snowman gift bag which the humans in the house can all confirm they did not give her. Again, there were no witnesses, so how Holly acquired the silky-stringed bag remains a mystery.

Despite the chaos, Holly would like to send Santa the message that she’s been a good cat. (Just in case he misses the sign on the pillow that says the same thing.)

Holly is sending Santa an important message!


In any case, Holly has her stocking hung and is hoping for some kitty treats and toys on Christmas morning. Think she’ll get any? Ancient Cat-Worshipping Theorists say “YES”. 😀

Holly’s Christmas stocking


Before we close this Update, Holly would like to help me announce that there are some fun things coming up in December:

  • Passion Pinups Magazine Issue 12 is coming out on December 21. It’s their biggest issue EVER!
  • Retro Dee’s Top 5 True Vintage Clothing Finds of 2019 post is going up here on Word Press on December 23.
  • Tune into The Grooveyard’s 8th Annual Great 88 Countdown Show on December 28.

And finally, Holly would like to remind you that you can follow her on Instagram @mariepascal82 . (Okay so, it’s also my account, but she doesn’t seem to notice that. 😀 )

Story from our, I mean, HOLLY’S Instagram.



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“AHEM” meme made at imageflip.com

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