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Today We Remember: The Day Phil Everly Died

On this day in 2014, Phil Everly died. He was just 16 days shy of his 75th Birthday.

If you don’t know who Phil Everly was, please get off this site.

I’m kidding. Kind of.

Phil was the younger of the two Everly Brothers, the best musical duo ever to exist, and quite possibly one of the best musical acts in the History of Mankind.

This post is not a biography on Mr. Everly’s life. It’s just a way to pay homage. I don’t have the energy to write a full biography at this time, and quite simply, I could not do Phil justice by trying to write about him. But I couldn’t let this day go by without honoring Phil and what he gave to the music world.

I’ve only recently become an Everly Brothers fan. Two years ago, I couldn’t even tell the boys apart. Now I’ve come a long way in learning about them and I can’t put into words how strange it is to love a musical act this much retroactively. Don and Phil were in their 40’s when I was born and it was years after that when I even started listening to them and learning their work and the contributions they made to the entertainment industry.

I know that Phil is passed away, and it’s not an easy fact to swallow. I picture him as a spry, sexy young lad in his hey-day, swarmed by girls, standing at his brother’s side with their matching guitars.

Yet, I’m not the only one out there stuck in the time warp of The Everly’s hey-day. It will never be a matter of the clock or the calendar for some of us. It’s the choice we’ve made to reside in the days that Phil and his brother ruled the charts: days that were kinder, happier, and a lot more simple.


Phil Everly: 1939-2014