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Dream Blog: A Visit From The King

I dreamed this the day after what would have been Elvis’s 85th Birthday…

My parents had a really big house and there was a wedding going on in one of the rooms. It might have been a cousin getting married… I’m sure it was supposed to be a family wedding.

The wedding ended and the many guests were scattered around the house, socializing at the reception. My Mom and I sat down at a table and across from us was a very special guest. It was none other than Mr. Elvis Presley himself!

My mother and I were the only people at the wedding who knew the man was actually Elvis. It was supposed to be that he was alive all this time (like those silly conspiracies say) and he was on the down-low and out of the Public Eye. He looked really good for 85, not more than 60ish, I’d say. He was very sweet and soft-spoken.

So as my Mom and I were talking to Elvis, we were both in complete awe. We were face to face with The King of Rock n Roll, after all! He was telling us something about his past, but he was keeping it quiet so the other guests wouldn’t hear. Elvis was wearing a nice tan suit, possibly made of silk. He had giant cufflinks with rubies, gold and onyx on them.

At one point, a woman of about 65 sat down with us at the table. She knew my Mom and I and she introduced herself to Elvis. Elvis said, “I’m Elvis Presley,” sort of in a whisper, so no one else would hear. The woman looked confused and asked him to repeat himself. He did and she still looked confused, because how could that be?

But my Mom and I had some connection to the Presley family, so we weren’t surprised that Elvis was there, but we were still very impressed. He had the nicest demeanor and I remember sitting there thinking that he still had those nice lips.

The reception was winding down and people were starting to leave. I knew it was time to say good-bye to Elvis too. I stood in the foyer and Elvis was standing there in his silk suit, a bit hunched over. He was not much taller than me. I wanted to hug him. But he took my hand like a gentleman and thanked me for having him at our home.

I smiled and said, “It was nice meeting, you; it really was.”

He smiled that charming Elvis smile once more, and turned to leave.

I also turned and headed swiftly out to the garden in the back yard of the house. I didn’t want to see Elvis leave. The garden was full of bushes and flowers and was like one of those gardens at a winery. But even out in the garden, I could hear the front door in the foyer open and close.

Elvis had left the building.

I guess I like to believe that Elvis would be the gentle soul he was said to be, under all the glamour and fame. Of course I’ll never know what he was like first-hand, but it was still a pretty cool dream.




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