This Time It's Personal

This Time It’s Personal: Second Guessing My Writing

As a blogger, it’s normal to second-guess your writing, so I’m told. If I were not told that, I’d wonder if it’s just me.

Often times I’ll write a post – particularly a post that tells a personal story – and worry that: 1.) My writing isn’t good enough, or that  2.) I shouldn’t have shared that particular story in the first place.

These feelings of uncertainty are very unsettling. They can also lead to feelings of self-doubt and even depression. I’ve learned to deal with these negative feelings by using humor. In this case, one humorous memory comes to mind.

Back in High School, I was having trouble concentrating on my classes. So in my Senior year, I petitioned to have a private tutor help me with some of my studies. My petition was granted and that’s when I met Mrs. Welch.

Mrs. Welch was a woman in her late 40’s. She was anything but tactful and had sort of a quiet, edginess about her. Despite that, she was very likable, easy to talk to, and I felt like I’d known her all my life.

Mrs. Welch was a patient person, having to deal with teens who had both learning disabilities and social issues. (Now that I think on it, I was probably the only female student she had that was not a teen mom.) She had a way of making you feel calm, like you could complete your studies and graduate without being an A+ student and without being the head of the yearbook committee like the so-called “normal kids” were.

My best subject was always English, no surprise, and I particularly enjoyed creative writing (again no surprise). So when Mrs. Welch assigned me a topic to do a creative writing paper on, I was openly excited.

Sometimes I’d write something kind of odd, like a story about a dream I’d had (which I still do today on this blog!) And Mrs. Welch would read it, smirk slightly and roll her eyes. Then she’d toss the paper across the table. That meant that the story was weird, but written well enough to get me a B, or maybe even an A.

Now and again I’ll be writing a blog post and I’ll ask myself: “Is this a ‘Welch Throws It Across The Table’?” And I’ll laugh. Most of the time I’d say yes, but that’s not necessarily  a bad thing.

Sure, my personal stories might be odd, and maybe even boring to some people out there, but I don’t care. Overall, the writing’s not too bad, so what the hell. I’ll post it.

And if nothing else, Welch would give it a B.


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