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Fifties Foto Flashback: That Time In London

Hi folks I’m Retro Dee and Welcome to Season 2 of “Fifties Foto Flashback!”

Fifties Foto Flashback: S2 E1: “That Time In London”

For this first episode of Season 2, we look at a very special moment in History.

This photo was taken while The Crickets were touring the UK in 1958. Here they are with some of the staff from Valentine Magazine at the Whiskey A GoGo in London. Sounds like a dream come true for the staff!


Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison & Joe Mauldin with the staff of Valentine Magazine. London, 1958


And don’t the two gals look happy! I love how Buddy isn’t even looking at the magazine… or at the camera, for that matter. 😀 His hair has got that curly, unruly thing going on. He was so cute it hurts!

Then there’s Jerry Allison in the middle, appearing to behave himself, yet looking somewhat sly. It’s why we love ya, Jerry!

And, finally, we have Joe B. Mauldin on the right, ever the boyish gentleman.

This photo provides yet another glimpse into that famous tour across the pond. And best of all, The Crickets are wearing matching sweaters made from the finest wool.

There are a couple more photos of them with the gals from Valentine Magazine, including one where they’re dancing. But I chose this one, because I think it’s the cutest.

So… I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Season 2 of “Fifties Foto Flashback”. I will be posting one photo from The Best Era Ever every month this Season, so please stay tuned!

– Retro Dee

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