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Little Twin Stars: Carlie and Dee!

Hello everyone! This is Retro Dee and it’s my pleasure to announce my very first photo collab with the lovely and talented Carlie Sorat at Bombshell!

Carlie and I were chatting one day on Twitter- as we does!… And she asked if anyone wanted to do a collab with her. I straightaway said, “I do!”

I suggested we do a “Little Twin Stars” theme since we are both big fans of the classic Sanrio characters.


Let’s face it. There are few things more kawaii than the pink-haired Lala and her blue-haired twin brother counterpart, Kiki. These angelic little twins have adorned all kinds of merchandise since their introduction back in 1975.

So who would play who? Since Carlie already had a pink wig, I suggested that I be Kiki. I was able to find a decently priced pale blue wig on eBay. Normally I tend to shy away from wigs, but I enjoyed wearing this one. It gave me sort of a Rock n Roll feel. It definitely has a Courtney Love vibe to it! But the best part is that I was able to score Sugarpill’s Exclusive Little Twin Stars LE eyeshadow palette AND the two liquid lippies ON SALE! Kiki’s lippie is a cool blue while Lala’s is a bright pink. As Kiki, I enjoyed wearing an alternative color from my classic 1950’s reds.

My Little Twin Stars palette and lippies from Sugarpill Cosmetics-  Now on sale!

Actually, the very BEST part was that my girl Carlie bought us matching Little Twin Stars T-shirts! Not only are they totally adorable, it was such a sweet and thoughtful thing for her to do and a gift I will cherish always.

For bottoms, Carlie rocked her ruffly black cheeky panties, and I chose some lavender ones.

By now you’re wondering where you can see the pics, well look no further than the link below to Carlie’s Bombshell blog:

“My Little Twin Stars Collaboration with Retro Dee”

Teaser pic of Carlie & me! Click the link above to see the full shoot.

Thanks so much, Carlie for doing this with me! I can’t wait to work with you again. You are a great friend and an enormous inspiration to me when it comes to beauty and all things Pinup.

You can follow both Carlie and me on Twitter and Instagram:

⭐Carlie Sorat:
Twitter: @CarlieSorat
IG: @carliemichelle66

⭐Deidre “Retro Dee” Smith:
Twitter: @RealRetroDee
IG: @mariepascal82

Thank you all for reading this post!

– Retro Dee

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