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Doing Your Makeup Vintage: 9 MORE Retro Inspired Red Lipsticks!

Hi there everyone, I’m Retro Dee and Welcome to Doing Your Makeup Vintage!

Last time, I showcased 9 lipsticks being offered on the current market which replicate the bright, bold, red-colored lips that were so popular in the 1950’s.

Today I have 9 MORE red lipsticks to show you that I have added to my makeup collection. There never seems to be a shortage of red hues and matte is always a great option if you want to go full-on retro.

9 More Retro-Inspired Reds!


Here are my reviews on my latest red lipstick acquisitions.

9 MORE Retro Reds!

1. MAC – Retro Mattes in “Ruby Woo”

I first swatched the now well-known Ruby Woo in a store quite some time ago. It was extremely matte, but in a good way, and like nothing I’d seen or felt in a lipstick in this lifetime… Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I decided to finally get Ruby Woo online. I was prepared for it to be super matte, and a bit drying, but since I thought it was a good reproduction of lipsticks from yesteryear, I wanted it anyway. Well, it appears they’ve changed the formula. It no longer has that SUPER matte vintage formula that seemed to come right out of the 1950’s. It’s basically like any other matte you can get these days, and that’s a bit of a shame. It doesn’t go on all that easily, and has a dull, pasty finish. It’s my least favorite out of the 3 MAC reds I own.

MAC Retro Reds: “Ruby Woo”


2. Too Faced – Peach Kiss Moisture Matte in “He’s With Me”

I like this formula because it’s highly pigmented. It says it’s infused with peach and “sweet fig milk”, whatever that is. It has a nice peach scent, but it can taste a little soapy. This shade definitely has warm undertones and looks brighter on your lips than it does in the tube. It works if you’re like me and wear orange hues in your clothes, but don’t want to wear coral lipstick. The peach motif carved on the actual lipstick is a nice touch. It does transfer a little bit and the tube is rather heavy.

Too Faced Moisture Matte: “He’s With Me”


3. Pretty Vulgar – Bury Them With A Smile Matte Lipstick in “Blood Flower”

I got this on sale and I’m pleased with the formula. It’s got a blueish undertone, making it almost raspberry. It’s the kind of red that can still be recognized as red, but the blue undertones in it makes your teeth look white. That’s usually what I’m looking for. There’s a little birdie carved in the lipstick itself.  The tube is pretty too, if not a bit cheap feeling, but at least it’s not heavy. You do have to give it an extra click to get it to close, though.

Pretty Vulgar: “Blood Flower”


4. Origins – Blooming Bold Lipstick in “Wild Flower”

This formula is advertised as hydrating and it is. It’s supposedly made with 12 flowers, which really isn’t important to me. At only $14 a tube, it’s good quality at an affordable price. But there are 2 problems I have with this lipstick. One is that the tube is really heavy and two, the color “Wild Flower” is actually a berry, rather than a red. It’s called “red”, and online it looks red, but it truly isn’t. That’s not to say it isn’t a nice shade of berry, though.

Origins: “Wild Flower”


5. It Cosmetics – Pillow Lips Matte lipstick in “Stellar”

Here’s a brand new lipstick from It Cosmetics. It boasts intense color payoff and the ability to make your lips look fuller while hydrating them. “Stellar” is their reddest red and it is, indeed, a true red! As for making your lips look fuller, I don’t know, all lipstick does that. But I do like the formula. It goes on fairly smooth and isn’t too drying. Of the nine lipsticks listed here, this is for sure my favorite. The outer tube is bulky and takes up way too much space, but nothing’s perfect!

It Pillow Lips Matte: “Stellar”


6. Becca – Ultimate Lipstick Love in “Cherry”

This color is a beautiful, vivid, bright red. Unfortunately, the formula is terrible. It doesn’t go on easy and it tends to “tug” on your lips. It’s also extremely drying. Perhaps use a layer of balm first, or put a lip oil on top of it, if you’re not going for the matte look. The tube is big and gold, but still light enough weight to easily carry around in your purse. Of the nine listed here, this is my least favorite. I won’t be getting anymore Becca lipsticks because of how drying this is.

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love: “Cherry”


7. Clinique – Pop Matte Lip Color in “Icon Pop”

This lipstick comes in a square tube (as you can see below), and it goes on like a dream. The shade I chose ended up being a darker, duller color than what I was hoping for, something like blood before it dries. It definitely has brown undertones which is not what I personally like. There are 3 other shades of red in this lipstick, so perhaps I’ll try another one in the future.

Clinique Color Pop: “Icon Pop”


8. Kiko Milano – Ocean Feel Lipstick in “Feel Red”

Another sale item, I decided to try this brand even though I’d never heard of it. It comes in a big, gold tube that closes with a magnet, but is surprisingly lightweight. The lipstick itself is molded into a swirly shape. This is definitely an orange-red… a very orange orange-red. Formula-wise it doesn’t go on easy, is somewhat drying and tugs. It’s a matte and has the same issues many mattes have. However, the color payoff is intense. Although I tend to shy away from yellow undertones in lipstick, my skin has warm undertones and this is a good color for me. I consider this the obligatory orange-red in my collection.

Kiko Milano: “Feel Red”


9. Bésame – Lipstick in “American Beauty”

Finally, we have a beautiful red by the company that’s known for its reds, Bésame. I got this one as gift from my girl Carlie at Bombshell. She knows my style! While it’s along the lines of raspberry, it can still pass as being in the red family. As the description on the site reads it has “subtle touches of pink”. Bésame replicates actual vintage shades. This color, “American Beauty” is actually inspired by a lipstick shade from 1945. Of course, it works well with 1950’s retro looks too.

Bésame: “American Beauty”


Well that’s it for now! If you haven’t already, please check out my previous lipstick post, Doing Your Makeup Vintage: 9 Great Retro Reds!


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