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Dream Blog: Look Who Came To Dinner

In this dream, my family had a trailer park home that belonged to my Grandmother. It was kind of vintage Americana and charming. I guess we were there on vacation and everyone, friends and family alike, were invited to come and visit.

We were having a cookout, and among the friends and family visiting, were Don and Phil Everly.

There was no set time period really, like most of my dreams. I was still very young and so were Don and Phil. However, as the dream went on, it was clear we were way past the 1950’s.

Anyhow, Phil was tired, so he went to take a nap. I was napping in another room, but I couldn’t sleep. After what was supposed to be a couple hours or so later, I got up and I heard Phil talking to my Mom in another room. She asked him if he slept and he said he had, really well. I mumbled to myself under my breath, “He wouldn’t sleep at all, if I had my way.”

I wanted to talk to the boys, but I was too nervous, so I kept my distance. They were wearing casual shirts, early 1960’s style and pants also from that era, possibly jeans. Their hair was also retro, exactly like in their photos from 60+ years ago. I got the feeling that Don and Phil didn’t want to come to the cookout, but someone had made them, maybe their mother, although she herself wasn’t present.

My hair was long, straight and undone. I was wearing a casual, white button-up shirt, and as in many of my dreams, I couldn’t seem to get my hair, makeup and clothes together. I was kind of just wandering around the house.

I looked out the window and saw a much smaller trailer home, more like a camper, that belonged to the Everlys. It wasn’t used at all by them, but it was preserved as a historical place, sort of like their childhood home. I was talking to a nondescript friend and we decided to go over to check it out.

Inside, it looked like no one had been in there in years. It was dusty and cluttered. There were home decorations from the 1970’s with mushrooms and flowers and butterflies and crap. I looked up at a mushroom sun catcher and said to my friend, “How come nobody ever changes their decorations from the 70’s? They just stay up forever.”

My friend didn’t know why either. We looked around the trailer some more. I was pondering why my Grandma’s trailer was so much larger. I went back to Grandma’s trailer with my friend where everyone else was still getting ready for the cookout. There was a small hockey rink, on the same property and some of my cousins were playing hockey on it. I could see them from the yard of the trailer house.

My Mom was outside standing near a grill barbecuing, and I went to go talk to her. But just as I did, Don came over, with Phil right behind him. It was too late for me to run off and hide, so I just stood there, kind of looking down at the ground, pretending I wasn’t really interested. I felt so self-conscious like I used to when there were guys I was interested in who I knew didn’t feel the same way. I wasn’t even sure Don and Phil noticed me at all. Maybe that was for the better.

I went back into the house and a male friend was there to see me. He was fat and had glasses and longish hair, about to his shoulders. I don’t know what his name was supposed to be. I hugged his legs and told him I was upset, but I’m not sure if I told him why. He seemed like he was happy to be there, but was also hopeful that I’d be interested in him in that way. I wasn’t.

Then Julia Louis-Dreyfuss showed up. I guess we were friends with her, too. She had her hair long and frizzy and half up like she did when she was on “Seinfeld”. I told her that I had a really bad crush on Phil Everly, but he wasn’t noticing me. She didn’t say much. She was dressed like Elaine too, with a black blazer and those 90’s pants women used to wear.

That’s really it. I guess this is a more “realistic dream” than the dream I had where Phil asked me out. And it’s even more realistic than the dream I had where he got me pregnant. That dream I never wrote about because the baby-making part was completely skipped over, so I figured what’s the point?

Anyhow, I think this dream comes from some suppressed angst from my past about liking boys who never liked me back. I went through my share of that shit as a teenager. I guess Don and Phil were just the faces of that in this dream.

I don’t really understand the trailer park home, except that I kind of wonder what it’d be like if I was descended from one of those American pioneer families from Kentucky or something, rather than from Italian immigrants. Not that one is better than the other, because we’re all Americans… I just ponder these things… Just wonder what it would be like if I had a slightly different background, if that would make any difference at all.


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