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This Time It’s Personal: Life Before Buddy

Warning: Posts in this segment may contain language that is inappropriate and/or offensive to some readers.

I used to be the World’s biggest pack rat. “Used to be” is the operative phrase. Let’s hope so, anyway.

I was always sentimental, a collector by nature, and perhaps, what many minimalists might call a “hoarder”.

My friends all noticed this, and used to tease me about it. I’d always tell them that I just like to collect, therefore I have a lot of stuff. But they’d rib me none-the-less and at some points, cause me to question my own sanity.

Recently, I’d had it with my junk and clutter to the point of nearly having a nervous breakdown. I have a huge bedroom, but it was so full of boxes, bags, bins, and God-knows-what-else FILLED to the brim with STUFF. The “stuff” ranged from old greeting cards, old letters, photos, magazines, advertisements, stickers, stationary, CDs, DVDs, brochures, pamphlets… random shit, you name it.

Then, there are the toys. Yes, the toys. I used to collect dolls and toys. And then the dolls and toys collected dust. And finally, I realized, I was sitting in a pile of dusty dolls and toys. And I was not happy.

So as I’m going through this stuff– bags, bins, boxes… I realized that one important part of my life was missing: Buddy Holly.

Nothing in my possession prior to the Fall of 2016 so much as alludes to the Great Legend of whom I’ve become extremely fond. It’s like I never even thought about him. And, really, I didn’t.

Just the complete absence of Buddy and anything from his era shows how suddenly my full-blown obsession with him came on. You could literally divide the parts of my bedroom up into two categories: Before and After Buddy.

The top of my desk has the most recent stuff and is littered with notes on songs from the 1950’s era, including notes I took from watching Buddy documentaries. Then of course is the 3 CD set “The Very Best of Buddy Holly and The Crickets”, which I keep on my desk all the time. I simply can’t get through my day without glancing over at his photo.


3 CD set cover from The Very Best of Buddy Holly and The Crickets from Not Now Music.


Now don’t get me wrong, my life before the Buddy Holly obsession wasn’t an abysmal pit of dark nothingness. Not entirely, at least. However, he certainly brought to me something phenomenal that gave me a whole new life, in a sense. I still can’t believe it took me that long to discover how great he was. Of course, it could be that it took me all those years to finally be wise enough to appreciate him.

So just for fun, I’m going to list a few items that resurfaced from my “life before Buddy” that I found while cleaning:

  • Happy Bunny air freshener that says “You smell like butt”, circa 2005
  • Doll’s toilet paper roll (it’s only plastic, so can’t be used in crisis 🙂 )
  • A doll’s diaper
  • Susan from Sesame Street and a Fisher Price toilet (WTF is with all the toilet stuff?)
  • A  personalized drink coaster that was supposed to be Uncle Frank’s gift for Christmas 2007
  • A shot glass on a string
  • The Original Broadway Cast Recording of “The Full Monty”
  • A LOBSTAH note pad from Boston
  • Tropical drink stickers
  • Wrapping paper that says “Happy Fucking Whatever” on it


Junk found in my room! Circa 2005 – 2008
Crude wrapping paper, circa 2006


What a snarky little bitch I was before my fondness for the 1950’s taught me to be more ladylike! I say this jokingly, of course… I was always fond of the 50’s. I was just too wrapped up in being a young person in the Y2K era to let it shine through.

Really, looking up at that list has me somewhat reluctant to continue my quest to clean out my bedroom. Who knows what I might find next!

Cleaning has its moments, though. I managed to find the porcelain Kewpie doll figurine that had been missing for the past twelve or so years. I bought the little thing on eBay and I could have sworn she was safe and sound in the China cabinet, but when the China cabinet was cleaned out a few years ago, she was nowhere to be found.

Then going through a large bag, I came across a tiny box. I noticed it was kind of heavy. I opened it up and surprise! My little Kewpie girl!

Finally found: My porcelain mini Kewpie girl

Aww… just look at those little toes. 🙂

Well, wish me luck, folks. My bedroom overhaul is far from over.  I still have several bins to clean out, a walk-in closet, the inside of my desk and the drawers. Dear Lord, the drawers… Once I clean all this shit out, I’m going to pursue the dream of having a bedroom with all 1950’s decor. Perhaps I’ll get it finished before the 2050’s.


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