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Dream Blog: Let’s Not Bother With Time

Yes, here’s another Everly fan girl dream, but I’m beginning to see a pattern: There are no time rules or restrictions in any of the Everly-related dreams that I’ve had.

As much as I love Don and Phil themselves, I think what I like most about having these dreams is that there’s no conforming to the laws of the space-time continuum. Imagine the possibilities and the freedom!

Let’s face it: time sucks. It either goes by too fast or too slow. There’s either not enough of it, or too much. It takes away things like youth, hope, and even life. Time is useless.

So I guess I decided I won’t use time in these dreams, which explains why Don, Phil and I are all perpetually 20-something years old. It could also explain why I usually have an old flip phone in these dreams, and it’s always Christmas.


So anyway… This dream began at a Christmas Festival. There were booths selling chocolate and other goodies, decorations, music playing and whatever else they have at those things.

I was looking at some chocolate bars at a booth when I got a text from a WordPress blog friend. She said that The Everly Brothers were at the festival! I texted her back (old school style, with the buttons on my flip phone) and asked her if she’d met them yet.

Before I got an answer, I ran into the brothers myself, but kept my distance. Which is actually good, because the last time I dreamed I went to a Christmas party with Phil, he got me pregnant. (In the dream. These are all just dreams. Do I really need to say that?)

In the next part, there was some kind of dinner party and Don had left, but Phil was still hanging around with the other guests. Many of the guests were colleagues of my Dad’s. We were all sitting in a hotel lobby, having drinks.

I was trying to talk to everyone, but I had the feeling that no one was listening to me. Not only were they not listening, but they were not seeing me either. I felt invisible.

I got up on top of the hotel bar and began to shout:

“This is a DREAM! I’m dreaming you people! None of you are real!”

They still ignored me, talking loudly among each other.

“Dammit, pay attention to me!” I continued to yell. “This is MY dream!”

Finally, I gave up and I went outside. I climbed up to the top of a structure which was something like a modern work of art made of stone. I looked out across the landscape and began shouting Phil’s name at the top of my lungs.

Then I climbed down and started eating a stash of candy bars that I somehow had with me. There was a random person there asking me about the kinds of candy bars I had. They were all rare imports. One was mint chocolate. Now that I think on it, the candy was something like the stuff another one of my blog pals posts sometimes.

The final part of this dream, I think, was when I was back inside the building of wherever that festival was being held. Phil was back (still oblivious to my existence) and he was chatting and laughing with some other random people. Although he basically looked and dressed like he did in the 60’s, and no one else there did, everyone seemed to blend in and fit with each other.

Phil was sitting on a table and began singing “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I hate that song, but I didn’t mind listening to it. Because Phil. ❤

When I woke up from this dream, I went to Twitter to ask my fellow music-loving fans if Phil Everly ever did that song, and they said no.

Besides wishing I could ignore the space-time continuum, I think this dream had at least two other messages: One is that chocolate fixes everything. And two, I’ll listen to a CCR song if one of the Everly boys sings it.

Now here’s where you’d ask for your money back if I charged anything for this blog. Lucky for us all, I don’t.


candy bar graphic from clipart-library