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Pinterest: A Retro Lover’s Secret Love Affair

Hi everyone! It’s Retro Dee and in this post I’ll reveal another secret about how I make the 1950’s a retro part of my daily life!

Pinterest is a FANTASTIC resource for vintage-retro lovers such as myself. There’s seemingly no limit to the pins of all the great old ads from the 50’s. There are photos of Stars that I had no idea existed, and endless amounts of retro clothing photos, patterns, and sketches.

The “secret love affair” tagline to this post just came out as my little fingers raced across the keyboard with no real thought to it. But there is some truth behind it. Unlike the other Social Media sites I use, Pinterest is the odd one out in that as far as followers and viewers go– I don’t need them. I enjoy using Pinterest as a resource just for the sake of finding all the great things there.

But don’t get me wrong, I also hope that some of my boards help others find the things they’re looking for, particularly things related to the 1950’s era.

I have a total of 24 boards and a total of 1,296 pins, and it’s always increasing. Of the 24 boards I’ve created, three are locked, (or “secret”) and I’m still not sure if I’ll open them or not, depending on the relevancy of sharing them.

Below is a listing of all my open boards, feel free to check them out. Click on the link to get to the actual board, or, click on the top header to get to my main Pinterest page.

Retro Dee’s Pinterest Boards

Life in the 50’s I enjoy curating pins of all aspects of life in the 50’s on this board which features ads, daily life, stars, cars, and everything else wonderful from that decade.

True Vintage 50’s Dresses The title of this board says it all. It’s a compilation of dresses from the 50’s from all over the internet. Depending on when you look, some still might be available for sale!

Real 50’s Fashion This board has more pins of 50’s dresses, but they are from vintage ads or patterns. These kinds of pins are a great reference tool for learning the styles of the decade.

Vintage Swing Skirts This board is one of my newest and doesn’t have a lot on it yet, but it’s a good reference for swing skirts. Because what is the 50’s without swing skirts?

Repro Retro Clothing 1950s I made this board to show the current-day brands that make retro themed clothes. Here I’ve tried to only include the most authentic designs and highest quality of vintage-style clothing.

50s Hairstyles I just started this one and plan to include how-to hair guides that are from vintage magazines as well as newer tutorials and photos.

Early 60’s Fashion I created this board to show the subtle differences between the 1950’s and early 60s dresses. There aren’t too many pins yet, but that will change.

Retro Inspired Home Decor This is so much fun to look at, even if your retro-decorating project is on hold (mine is). This is one of my biggest boards with 113 and counting pins. There’s everything from home decorating ads, to authentic vintage and reproduction vintage furniture.

1950’s Collectibles This board goes with the “Collecting 1950’s” section of this blog. I pin anything that’s a collectible from that era including compacts, ads, pennants and more.

Cats Of The 1950s Yes, this board is dedicated to photos of cats, more specifically, photos of cats from the 1950’s era. How did they differ from cats of today? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Retro Inspired Gifts This board was designed to help folks find gifts with 50’s themes such as atomic clocks and 1950’s Monopoly. I’m still working on adding more.

A Very 50’s Christmas I made this so it would be easier to find retro themed stuff such as ornaments and decor at Christmastime. Or, all year ’round! However, some of the pins are are photos of folks enjoying Christmas back in the Nifty Fifties.

Retro Crush: Buddy Holly Kinda self-explanatory. I’m always adding to this one.

Retro Crush: The Everly Brothers Photos of the boys in their hey-day.

Retro Hotties Including, but not limited to Buddy and the Everly boys, this board showcases the biggest heartthrobs of the 50’s era.

Non-1950’s Boards

Yes, I do have a few boards that are not retro 50’s related and here they are:

Cat Humor This board is a compilation of cat memes, comic strips and all humor related to cats.

Chelsea: Best. Cat. Ever. I made this board of items that look like my cat Chelsea, as well as actual pictures of Chelsea herself. This was the first board I ever made on Pinterest, right after she died in 2018.

So Stinkin’ Cute Animals Animals memes and pictures. Mostly cats, of course.

So Stinkin’ Cute Merch A bunch of cute items I pinned. They may or may not still be available.

Stay Golden, Girls Yep I’m a “Golden Girls” fan. It’s an incredibly funny show, and quite possibly one of the only truly amazing things to come out of the 1980’s. This board has everything from quotes from the show, memes and merch.

Funny As Hell Gifts A bunch of tasteless gifts and fart humor. About as non-1950s as you can get, but I have more sides than one to my personality.

WHEW! There you have it. For now, anyway. I hope you enjoy my Pinterest boards if you happen to check them out. And if you liked this post, please follow this blog here on WordPress.

Of course, you can follow me on Pinterest too, but I don’t really care, as I’ve explained earlier… BUT! If you want to make me happy for at least a few minutes, please follow me on Twitter @RealRetroDee and Instagram @mariepascal82 . That’d be sweet, and I’d really appreciate it. 😘

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