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Update: August

Well, folks, it’s August already and no one’s said that this has been an easy year.

But let’s get back to the topic of this site which is the Fabulous 1950’s, where everyone was happy, and if not, you sure could’ve fooled me.

There were far less posts on this blog in July, but I’ve still been busy. What I’ve been doing is Updating the 50’s Study Hall reference pages. I re-did Music Groups of the 1950’s on the new block editor and I think it looks OK. I had less success with the Solo Artists page because of the alignment of the photos. I can’t seem to figure out how to do the same format in blocks, so I’m just going to leave it. The other pages in that category will also have to be left as-is since converting to the Block Editor will only ruin the alignment which I carefully constructed with the Classic Editor. From now on, if I add a new post to that section, it will be done with the new editor. I still don’t see how it’s better than the old one, but it’s probably because I don’t know how to properly use it yet.

You might be wondering (although you’re probably not) what happened to July’s Update post. Ya know, the one with Buddy Holly and The Crickets at Buck Lake Ranch on July 4, 1958? Well, it was a Limited Time Only post. So if you missed it, sorry, y’all it’s gone. But do look up Buck Lake Ranch in Angola, IN and read about the legends who performed there. It’s a wonderful piece of American Music History, one I hope will remain preserved for generations to come.

There will be more to come in the Fashion section of Retro Dee’s Guide in August so stay tuned. I’ll also have plenty of (opinionated) music posts, so if you don’t mind a fan’s two cents, stay tuned for that too. Someday I’ll have my bedroom decor done and I’ll do a post or two on how it comes out… Can you guess what the theme is going to be? Here’s a hint:

A SIGN of things to come!

And now…

Holly the cat is doing well. She plays hard and sleeps harder. Her head is small so when she yawns, she looks like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. She also makes videos. So if you like cats, please follow Holly on our Instagram account @mariepascal82

(click on the small images to make them larger, if you’re viewing this on the main page!)

The other day, Holly and I did our version of that scene from The Princess Diaries. NO I did not pick her up and use her like a phone, but I did pick her up and put her head gently against my cheek and said “Gupta?” Well, she didn’t even stand for that much! She replied: “M’YEEAAWWW” in her crankiest tone. So I carefully set her down next to me on the chair. Then I doubled over with laughter. 🙂

Yeah, I think I better leave it at that. Had I attempted the full-on TikTok meme, she would have kicked me in the head and scratched my eyes out. Oh, and rightfully so. I wish these damn kids today would stop mishandling their cats! 🐱

Well that’s all for now. So have a good August, folks, and please follow Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever for more Fabulous Fifties fun.

– Retro Dee

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