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Happy Birthday, Buddy

Another year has come and gone and September 7th marks the 84th Birthday of the man, the legend… my finest inspiration: Buddy Holly.

So for what could have, might have, should have been Buddy’s 84th, I’ve decided to be lazy and make what we geeky kids in the 90’s used to call a “jump page”, which is really just a page full of links.

Well, at least these links are to previous posts written by yours truly. This possibly indicates that I’m not always so lazy.

Oh, if you’ve never heard of Buddy Holly, just click on the first link and read the bio I wrote on him. Then contact me and let me know what planet you’re from. 🙂

Today We Remember: Buddy Holly. Best. Musician. Ever. This is the biography I wrote on him, not that the world needs yet another biography on him, but here ya go.

Retro Dee Reviews: The Very Best of Buddy Holly and The Crickets Here’s a review on the CD from Not Now music. It’s in 2 parts because there are 50 songs.

Today We Remember: Buddy Holly and The Crickets on The Ed Sullivan Show This is one of my favorite stories, though it lacks proper verification, it’s based off of the info I got on Wikipedia.

Music in the 50’s: Covered By Buddy A list of Buddy’s most popular covers with links to the YouTube videos. (which is really mostly audio because, you know, they didn’t have videos in the 50’s)

Musical Misconceptions: Peggy Who? The basics on one of Buddy’s most well-known hits.

Collecting 1950s: Inspired By Buddy I have a small, non-conventional Buddy Holly collection. One of the things is a spoon.

This Time It’s Personal: 29 Cent Irony Boy, I got lambasted for this one. LOL! I didn’t mean any disrespect either. This is merely the story of what I once thought, as a clueless little girl, of Buddy Holly.

February Makes Me Shiver My commentary on “The Day The Music Died” with links to my two posts I wrote on the subject of Buddy’s untimely death.

So there you go. Clearly, he rules the subject matter of this blog. This list doesn’t even include all the times I mentioned him in other posts. I’ll let you find those on your own. 🙂

So Happy Birthday, Buddy. In your 22 years on this Earth, you made this world a better place by sharing your talent and leaving your mark on music history forever.

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