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Slogans From The 50’s You’d Never Hear Now: Episode III

Hi folks and Welcome to “Slogans From The 50’s You’d Never Hear Now”.

The 1950’s were a very different time. Life back then was far less complicated and people’s goals and ideals were much different from what was to come. This could not be more evident in the advertising slogans of the day.

For this third Episode of “Slogans from the 50’s You’d Never Hear Now”, I’m using an ad I found a few years ago. We see a typical late 50’s housewife walking away from a brightly colored stove full of perfectly baked goodies. We are then asked:

“Will Your Stove Cook Without Watching?”

1959 ad for the new G-E stove.

Hmm, my first inclination was to wonder “Watching what?” Is the stove the one watching something, or are we the one watching the stove? I’m assuming it’s the latter, as we go on to read the rest of the ad that boasts a brand new stove for 1959. The G-E Keyboard Range will effectively cook food while you’re in the other room entertaining your guests.

What the new G-E Keyboard Range does is maintain the temperature of what you’re cooking so you don’t have to be “tied to the stove”. It also has a rotisserie oven that automatically turns your chicken or turkey for you, cooking it evenly. AND it has a little companion oven that can bake things that turns itself on or off for you! All you have to do is set the nifty analog timer. With all this amazing new technology, they could not have been more than 15 or 20 years away from flying, self-driving cars. Am I right?

Well, maybe not.

So basically, what this slogan is telling us, is that if your stove can’t cook without you watching it, you’re missing out and you need the new G-E Range… I’m still not convinced that leaving a something cooking on a stove unattended is a good idea in any era… However, I’m guessing that before this technology came to be, you couldn’t even leave the kitchen to pee. So this was definitely a step in the right direction for most housewives of the day.

So remember the next time you’re cooking 20 things at once and still need to serve the iced tea, let your new G-E Range cook for you. It cooks without watching. Watching what? Nevermind…

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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