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Dream Blog: Comfort In Vegas

Hi folks, Welcome to another strange dream from Retro Dee’s Dream Blog! This one features a legend of the Music Industry who has not been out of work in 63 years.

But first, we gotta set the scene. This dream starts out with all the same re-occurring anxieties that most people have: COVID, having your wallet stolen… not finding the right outfit and not being able to get a drink at a party. At least, those are my re-occurring anxieties.

The dream started out that I was in Las Vegas with my parents on New Years Eve. (It would be just my luck to make it to Vegas on NYE only to be stuck with my parents, LOL) Actually my parents were going to a small wedding, and I was staying in a hotel suite for what I thought might be a quiet night in.

The hotel suite was large and spacious and my Dad got a good deal on it. I was about to find out why. We were told we’d have to share the suite with up to 6 people, but that was not an issue since it was large enough. My parents left for the wedding, and I began going through my clothes. I was trying to decide if I should get dressed and go out to do some gambling. I might have been on my own, but I was in Vegas, after all.

I decided I’d put on some makeup and a simple dress and do a little gambling before things got too crazy around midnight. As I was getting my cosmetics together, some of the roommates began to come in. They were all in their 30’s, like me, very friendly, and happy to be in Vegas for the New Year. I thought “What the hell, they might be strangers, but this could be fun.” So I was chatting with a few of them.

That’s when things got weird. More and more people began to show up in the suite. I realized there were now about 25 people and there were not supposed to be more than 9, including me in my parents. What was going on? I asked a gal about the room and she said that the maximum capacity was supposed to be 6 people per BED, not for the room. And there were 6 beds so… 36 people. 36 people? That’s way too many… and what about COVID?!

None of the people piling into the room seemed concerned about COVID. Many were already drinking and no one wore a mask. I grabbed my phone (which was an old flip phone in this dream) and tried to call my parents to let them know how badly they screwed up. We were sharing a room with 33 reckless people on New Years Eve as the virus was still raging!

I tried to call my Mom but the call would not go through (another re-occurring dream that I have) To make matters worse, more and more people kept piling in. Soon, there were over 100 people, all set to have a New Years Eve party in our suite with no masks.

Everyone was really nice and normally I’d find it fun, but I didn’t want to get sick. I also didn’t want the people to think I was a bitch or trying to ruin everyone’s fun. Maybe if I had a drink it would help. But of course, I couldn’t find a bar, and everyone else seemed to have already been to one.

I figured I might as well go out to gamble at one of the casinos like I’d planned. What’s the difference, it couldn’t be more crowded than the suite was. That’s when I realized my purse was missing. I looked around and couldn’t find it anywhere. I began to panic that it was stolen.

Some people were singing “Auld Lang Syne” and there was a microphone where you could make an announcement. I ran into 2 other women who said their purses were missing also. I asked if I could make an announcement and they said I could. So I got up to the microphone and said something like: “Ladies and Gentlemen. There have been some women here who seem to be missing their handbags. I am one of those women. If you’ve taken a handbag, please return it. If you have your bag, please keep close watch on it. Have fun…. and Happy New Year.”

I finally found my bag and I hugged it. Then I went to put some makeup on. I got my phone and called my Mom who answered. I told her: “Well, guess what? It turns out this suite was reserved for a huge party. There are over 100 people in here, easy, and they’re not maskin’. There’s no way to escape (COVID) now.”

My Mom made a cynical comment and didn’t seem to be all that worried. She just told me to try to have fun and see what happens, because it’s too late anyway. I was annoyed and said okay and hung up…

Finally, I must have left the suite and gone out into a casino because I was walking around in a huge restaurant. There was a booth and Paul Anka was sitting there in a light beige-colored suit. I sat across from him in the booth. I was tired and stressed out from all the happenings of the evening. I started talking about Buddy Holly and I was saying how I was sad that I would never meet him.

And Paul Anka said: “Aww…” and he hugged me. “You really love him, don’t you?” and I said “Yes. Everyone does.” And Mr. Anka said something like, “Well, people love me too…” Then he says: “Put your head on my shoulder.” and I did and we hugged more. Then we kissed quickly, closed mouthed, sort of a friendly kiss, not romantic. I felt better and forgot about the New Years Eve fiasco.

Well, if you’re gonna have a rough evening in Vegas, at least it’s nice to have Paul Anka comfort you, is the moral of this dream. Although, I’m not so sure how practical that moral is, but there you go.

Thanks for reading if for some reason you did. Just another extra piece to the bizarre puzzle of my mind. 😀

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Disclaimer: The above story was just a dream. I have no affiliation with any of the aforementioned personalities, real or imagined, living or dead.