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It’s Holly’s Happy Hollyday Update!

Hey folks! We at Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever couldn’t let the Holidays go by without some warm wishes and a festive Update from our favorite feline: Holly B.!

Holly in a Christmas bag

Holly’s happy it’s finally the HOLLY-days. It’s been a tough year for most hewmins and on no uncertain terms. Well it’s time to move on and enjoy the season even if that means knocking over a Christmas tree or two! And Holly has done just that! Actually, she pulled down my whole 1950’s Christmas display. The ornaments flew off the tree, and the branches were crushed and the star was crooked — it was just a mess! But you’d expect nothing less from a skilled feline on the prowl!

My 50’s Christmas Display before Holly dismantled it.

But other than that, Holly has been very, very good. She’s been helping with things such as wrapping gifts and keeping the couch warm. She knows Santy Paws is on the way. In fact, I bought her so many gifts this year, I might need to save one for her Gotcha Day on February 18th!

…or getting ready to attack the paper!

Holly’s favorite thing about Christmas is the big tree on the table in the living room. It’s the same tree that my late girl Chelsea used to sleep under year after year. Holly is now taking over the tradition. She sits there until there are too many presents in the way. Then she sits on those.

The cat’s been good. Read the sign!

This year I decorated the whole tree in reproduction Shiny Brights, just like the ones folks had back in the 1950’s. I got my Shiny Brights from The Lamp Store two years ago, but I was never able to put them on the main tree… until now! The Lamp Store is quite possibly the only company that knows how to package breakable items properly. The fact that all the ornaments arrived in one piece after being handled by the Santa Rosa Post Office is a miracle indeed.

The Big Tree with the Shiny Brights (looks better in person)

And now… The Annual Explanation of Holly’s Name (aka Retro Dee just needs something else to write about.)

hol•ly /hawl-ee/ n.

The word “holly” comes from the Olde English word “holegn” which means “to prick”, referring to its sharp, pointed leaves. The holly plant is popular at Christmastime with its beautiful green leaves and bright red berries that pop against a blanket of white snow.

I didn’t choose Holly’s name because of Christmastime, though. She was named after my favorite singer/musician/song-writer Buddy Holly. However, his surname does indeed come from his ancestors who, centuries ago, dwelt among holly plants. A common spelling of the surname contains an “e”, which Buddy’s did. His name was originally spelled Buddy Holley. His headstone bears this spelling. I thought of spelling Holly the cat’s name with an “e”, but I figured if Decca Records left the “e” off, chances are our vet would too… So I just went with the regular spelling. Sometimes we call her “Holly B.” (The “B.” stands for Buddy, of course.)

But Holly the cat is not the first pet in our family to be named Holly! When I was about 3 or so, my grandparents had a poodle named Holly. She always snapped at me when I tried to pet her. Unfortunately, Holly was struck by a car on a busy street one day.

Then, there was Holly the Guinea Pig. She was white with sort of a dark gray nose marking and red eyes. I got her when I was about 12… I named her Holly simply because I thought it was a cute name. It had nothing to do with the singer (even though I’ve always liked oldies) Holly the guinea pig died of dehydration when her water bottle fell off her cage over the long weekend in Biology class. I like to think she pushed it off herself and that it wasn’t one of my demonic classmates who did it. (shrug)

So there you have it! Oh! I’d just like to note that my Dad calls ALL animals regardless of gender or species “Buddy”. So we have the whole “naming after someone important” thing covered. (I’m NOT gonna call her “Charles”, though. :))

Holly was named after Buddy Holly whose last name comes from the plant.

Okay that’s about it, except Holly wants to wish ALL her furriends online and off a Happy Holidays including, but not limited to: Buddy the Cat, Peaches the Tuxedo Cat, Frida and Miss Kitty, Gus, Aslan, Cinderfella, Scooby, Zeke and Opie, Daisy Mae, Snoops and Kommando, Willow, Floyd the Lion, Winky, Bootus Beefcake, Lucky Penny Cat, Calvin, Milo, Mooshi, Goose, LC, Old Man Modelo, Petunia, Valentine, Hershel, Footnote, Isis, Tux and Blossom, Buddy, Rex and Domino, Merlin No Feet, Fiske and Jellybean, Twilight and Sushi, Mr. Theo, Yoda, Boycat, A.J., Runt, Cheezit and Butterbean, Quincy, Parker, Cousin Ollie, Cousin Iris, Cousin Suki and, of course, dear Cousin Willie. She even wishes that annoying Siamese who breaks into the yard a Happy Holidays too. And a Happy New Year full of Good Health, Harmony and lots of boxes.

Wishing you all good surprises in the coming year.

Well, there you have it, folks! A Holiday update, Holly The Cat style. Best wishes and many thanks to all of you who have read my blog this year. I appreciate each and every one of you and your support.

Much love,

Holly B. and Retro Dee

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