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Hindsight’s 2020: An Odd Confession

I don’t know if this post is a confession, or if it’s just me telling you something I need to tell you. I’m not even sure I should be writing this, but my little fingers are just speeding across the keyboard in anticipation to get this off my chest.

I mean, I don’t really even know where to categorize this post. This Time It’s Personal? Updates? A new category for Confessions? Or how about a Paranormal category? Anyway, you can decide where it belongs, I’ll just write it.

On the very first day of 2020, New Year’s Day, I wrote a post. I don’t know if anyone would remember it, as not that many people read it before I deleted it. It’s been haunting me since, so I figure the best thing to do is talk about it, so here goes.

The post was entitled “2020 Sucks”. It was basically me ranting about how I was going to hate the year 2020. (REMEMBER: I wrote the post on January 1, 2020, before any of us knew about COVID and before all that other shit happened.)

Okay, so I wrote about how 2020 was the start of a new decade and that pulls us even farther away from the Fabulous 1950’s. I said I didn’t like 2020 already. In short, I was complaining about a year that hadn’t even happened yet. I was convinced that 2020 would “suck” and I didn’t hold back on writing my preconceived notions about it.

A few days later, I looked at the post and realized how negative it was. It was not what I wanted to make part of this blog at all. So I deleted it.

And then… 2020 happened. And it did, indeed, for all intents and purposes “suck”. We all know why. I don’t need to list the reasons. But as the year unfolded, I kept thinking back to my post. If I were famous, maybe people would be saying that I predicted 2020 was going to suck similar to the way “The Simpsons” predicted all those other things!

Of course, I am not calling myself psychic. I didn’t know what was going to happen in 2020 anymore than anyone else did. But what I wonder now is, was I just feeling exceptionally blue, or did something, somewhere deep inside of me (in the old days they’d call it “women’s intuition”) cause me to have some idea that 2020 was going to be a bad year? Did I just sense it?

I don’t know… probably not. But I thought about how odd it was that I wrote that post. I almost wish I hadn’t deleted it because it resembled something of a premonition. It was like a subconscious forewarning of what was to come.

But let’s end this post on a positive note. 2020 is over and it is now 2021. And I see a lot of people really excited about that! They are acting like the world is suddenly going to get better, and while it doesn’t quite work that way, maybe all the positive energy will have an impact and it will help steer the world back on the right track.

So today I’ll say that 2021 is going to be a good year. Maybe not for me, personally, but for the world at large. Hopefully, I’ll be right again.

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