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Fifties Fashion Fix: Dee’s Top 6 Retro Outfits of 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to a Special Edition of Fifties Fashion Fix!

This edition is a tad behind schedule, as it’s a year-end compilation. But better late than never! Here I’m showcasing the Top 6 Retro-Styled Outfits I wore in 2020. The ranking of these outfits was determined by the amount of likes they got on Instagram last year. (I got these results out of my Top Nine. However, one of the Top Nine liked photos was a pair of Holt Howard Cat Salt and Pepper shakers, so needless to say, that doesn’t qualify.)

So without further ado, here are

Dee’s Top 6 Retro Outfits of 2020:

Number 6: True Vintage ca. late 1950’s summer dress by Pat Hartly

I just love the neckline of this dress, not to mention the quirky oh-so-50’s pattern. The colors are nice too, a neutral gray with a pop of yellow. It’s also really comfortable on a warm day. It’s a great example of Pat Hartly. I love it so much, I even wrote a whole post on it!

True vtg dress by Pat Hartly

Number 5: True Vtg ca. early 60’s purple and off-white print sundress by London Originals

This true vintage dress is probably from the early 1960’s. I love the bright purple color and the pattern. I added the belt to cinch in the waist a little. The fabric of the skirt falls full enough to not need a petticoat!

True vtg. dress by London Originals

Number 4: Reproduction 50’s-Inspired Blouse and Skirt Ensemble

I wore this outfit for Thanksgiving. The blouse is by Unique Vintage and the skirt is by Lindy Bop. They are both spot-on repros. The skirt is probably the most authentic reproduction clothing item I’ve ever seen. It’s just so 50’s! I love the colors in it. Perfect for fall!

Repro 50’s outfit feat blouse by Unique Vintage and skit by Lindy Bop

Number 3: Retro-Inspired Polka Dot Top and Skirt Set by Movint.

I wore this set for Memorial Day. It looks like a dress, but it’s actually a two-piece! When you wear them both together they create a dress look. The two pieces are fastened together with large buttons, which you can’t really see because they blend in with the polka dots! This is the only garment I’ve ever seen like this and the design is so clever. (I also wore the top separate with a pair of light blue vintage clam diggers.)

Blue and white polka dot dress is actually a two-piece that can be worn separately.

Number 2: True Vtg Ca. 1950’s Red Lace Party Dress by R&K Originals

I wore this for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have a date, but I posed with some fake pearls, a pair of white gloves and voila! Instant virtual popularity! In all honesty I don’t know where I’d possibly end up wearing this dress to, but I’m glad I found it none-the-less. With the lace and the satin cumberbund, it is truly a beauty. (The photo here doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.) It looks elegant with and without a petticoat!

Beautiful ca. 1950’s red lace dress by R&K Originals

AND NOW… The Number ONE Retro Outfit of 2020…

Number One: True Vtg ca. 1950’s Gray Sharkskin Party Dress by Henry Rosenfeld

I wore this on Shark Week, just for the FIN of it! (Get it?) I figured, what better time to wear a shimmery material known as “sharkskin” (which is actually a material similar to taffeta). I never expected my followers to be so impressed. The dress is definitely a fantastic example of the 1950’s era. It looks elegant with a petticoat and BOY can it twirl. Perhaps I should have worn black pearls with it instead, well, maybe next time!

Ca. 1950’s Henry Rosenfeld sharkskin party dress

So there you have it, my Top 6 most popular retro outfits from 2020.

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Have a stylish day!

— Retro Dee

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