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Searchin’ For The 50’s: Sweater Weather

Welcome to a new segment from Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever called “Searchin’ For The 50’s!”

I was inspired to do this segment when I was reviewing some of the things people were searching for that sent them to my blog. While some of the search terms sent them to a post with the exact information they were seeking, I realized that not every search term gave a direct answer to what people were looking for.

So for this section, I’ll be answering questions that were asked via search string. Each post will pertain to a certain topic and will contain 2 – 3 questions.

Let’s go!

Searchin’ For The 50’s: “Sweater Weather”

Imagine… you have a blog about the 1950’s and the most searched for information about that era is not the music, not the TV shows, not the movie stars, not even the daily life styles of that time… but the sweaters.

It’s true!

Sweaters of the 1950’s is something that I find people are constantly looking for information on. But really, who can blame them? They were as cute as they were fashionable.

So let’s start off with a few search strings that are looking for what is perhaps the most popular topic on my blog: Sweaters!


Question: “How (would you) wear a cardigan like they did in the 1950’s?”

Answer: Probably the most iconic way of that era to wear a cardigan sweater was over your shoulders, like a cape. Sometimes this is done with the top button fastened.

Example of how a cardigan was worn ca. 1950s.

Question: “What year was the Perry Como sweater?”

Answer: Perry Como began wearing his trademark sweaters on his TV show in 1956.

You can find more information on Perry Como and his sweaters in the post Life in the 50’s: TV Shows Pt. 2

Perry Como with sweater.

Question: “What era did sweater clips come from?”

Answer: Sweater clips were a popular accessory in the 1950’s through the early 1960’s.

Vintage ca. 1950’s sweater clips

You can read more about sweaters from the 1950’s era in Fifties Fashion Fix: Women’s Sweaters of the 50’s.

Well, that’s it for this first edition of “Searchin’ For The 50’s!”

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