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Special Announcement: Holly B. Featured on Katzenworld!

Hi folks, I have an exciting announcement. Or should I say Holly and I have an exciting announcement!

Holly is being featured on the best cat blog on the internet, Katzenworld!

This is extra exciting because when I joined WordPress nearly 5 years ago, Katzenworld was one of the first blogs that I started following. In fact, as I recall, it may have even been the very first!

The blog, based in the UK, features great tips on being a cat parent, great products for cats and their owners, feline health, stories, poems, guest authors and general information on making the world a better place for cats and those who love them.

Holly and I would like to thank Katzenworld for featuring her special story. You can have a look at the post HERE: Guest Star: The Holly B. Story

Holly plays with her balltrack.

If you are a cat lover or an animal lover in general, you’ll want to follow Katzenworld here on WordPress and on Instagram @katzenworldblog and on Twitter @katzenworldblog

Aaanndd… don’t forget to follow Holly and I on Instagram @mariepascal82 where you can catch Holly starring in her very own mini movies every Saturday night!

Holly B. and her human Retro Dee do not get paid or compensated to endorse any brands, stores, products or companies.