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Doing Your Makeup Vintage: Blush Like The Rosy 50’s

Hi everyone, I’m Retro Dee and Welcome to Doing Your Makeup Vintage!

Like all eras, the 1950’s had a specific trend going in makeup. The red lips and wing-lined eyes might be what is remembered most from that time, but what about blush?

ca. 1950’s Elizabeth Arden advertisement.

Women in the 50’s loved blush, however it was kept fairly simple. Practically all blush was a basic, matte pink. They did not have numerous shades of corals, berries, reds or taupes like we have today… To them, pretty cheeks were pink, so blush was pink and pink blush is what you need to create an authentic 1950’s makeup look.

In this post I’ll review 6 Pink Blushes that you can buy on today’s market to create an authentic, vintage 1950’s look:

.1. Tarte Amazon Clay 12-Hour Blush in “Dollface”

Let’s start with a blush that has been on the market for a while, Tarte Amazon Clay 12-Hour Blush. This blush comes in 12 great colors to compliment any skin tone. Their most classic pink shade would be “Dollface” which is a light, matte pink. This is a fantastic choice for a retro look. The only down side is if you have an issue with blush “fading” on you, this is not the lasting formula it claims. After a couple of hours, this blush seems to disappear on me, unless I use a primer. My favorite shade is “Natural Beauty”, which is a matte rosy red, and despite its depth, it too fades. However, if you don’t have this problem or if you use a good primer, this blush is a great choice.

Price Point: Medium-High $29

Overall Rating: 7.5

Tarte Amazon Clay 12-Hour Blush in “Dollface”

2. Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush in “Take The Cake”

Here’s a blush by the popular brand Colourpop, which is taking the makeup industry by storm. Their good prices, unique formulas and exciting collaborations have made Colourpop all the rage. As a fan of several of their products, I decided to try their pressed powder formula blush. I picked a basic, bright pink called “Take The Cake”. I thought it was a plain matte, but when I got it, I discovered it has sparkle in it. Although not ideal for what I wanted, the sparkle is peppered throughout, so it’s not too intense. The second thing I noticed, is there’s a ton of kickback. I abhor kickback and unfortunately, this blush provides is an extreme example of it. It goes on fairly smoothly and is a nice, neutral pink. It fades a bit on me, but I think it’s a decent blush for the price, just don’t expect anything special.

Price Point: Low $9

Overall Rating: 5

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush in “Take The Cake”

3. the Balm Instain Long-Wearing Staining Blush in “Argyle”

Instain by the Balm is a unique powder blush with a long-wearing staining formula. Various shades in the Instain blush line go in and out of availability on the Balm’s website. The true, classic pink in this line is called “Argyle”. All the blushes in this line have an adorable packaging which features artwork of a retro gal. So does it stay all day? While most people say yes, I say no. On me it doesn’t stay all day without fading. However, I like it enough to own four shades, and the more pigmented shades tend to stay on if I use a primer… So if you don’t mind spending over $20 on a blush, the Instain line might be worth trying.

Price Point: Medium $22

Overall Rating: 7

the Balm Instain Long-Wearing Staining Blush in “Argyle”

4. H&M Powder Blush in “Pink Peach”

Recently I discovered that H&M has a great beauty section. I ended up buying 4 of their blushes! The pinkest of the four H&M blushes I own is called “Pink Peach”. As the name clearly suggests it’s a pink shade with a warm, peachy hue. It goes on smooth and stays well without fading, which is unusual for me. For the price, I feel that this is probably the best blush on the market. It’s a great product right down to the handy hexagon-shaped compact complete with mirror. They offer many shades, so if you want a more classic, true pink you might want to try “Vintage Pink”.

Price Point: Low $9.99

Overall Rating: 9

H&M Powder Blush in “Pink Peach”

5. NYX Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush Matte in “Rose & Play”

NYX Professional Makeup is a drugstore brand that’s either hit or miss… and their new “Sweet Cheeks” Creamy Powder Blush is definitely a HIT! Because it’s a cream/powder hybrid, it goes on easy and stays on. However, I found “Rose & Play”, (their truest light pink) a tad too light, and needed to really layer it on. “Day Dream”, (a bright coral) works much better on me. But for a retro 50’s pink, I’d still suggest “Rose & Play”. This is a great line of blushes, and for the price you’ll want to pick up 3 or 4 shades like I did.

Price Point: Low $7.50

Overall Rating: 8

NYX Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush Matte in “Rose & Play”

6. MAC Powder Blush in “Fleur Power”

MAC blushes have always been popular, but I never thought to try any until now. Although it’s attractive, MAC’s Extra Dimension blush doesn’t fit the retro makeup style. So for my very first MAC blush, I picked up their basic Powder Blush in “Fleur Power”. “Fleur Power” is a nice, matte neutral mauve-ish pink. It goes on like a dream! And what’s more is it stays on without much fading, which is a real plus for me. I’m super excited to have picked this up on sale. My only complaint about this line is that I wish the color selection included some brighter shades.

Price Point: Medium $25 but got on sale for $12.50

Overall Rating: 9

MAC Powder Blush in “Fleur Power”

There you have it, 6 pink “retro-style” blushes I’ve reviewed!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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– Retro Dee

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