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Artist El Ray Draws Retro Dee!

Hi Folks, I have an exciting announcement to make. Last month, I commissioned Texas artist El Ray to do a pin up drawing of me, Retro Dee! Why? Because his work kicks ass and so do I!

El Ray draws pinups (both naughty and nice!) as well as other artwork from his Plainview, TX home, just 45 minutes north of Buddy Holly’s hometown of Lubbock.

I first discovered El Ray when I began following him on Instagram well over a year ago. One day he posted a picture of himself in front of a mural of Buddy Holly and we began chatting. Shortly after, I started to notice all the artwork he does. When I found out he does commissions, I knew I had to have one. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.

At first, My imagination ran wild. I thought, maybe he could draw me kneeling, with one of the Everly Brothers in front of me and one of them behind me… well, you get the idea! But I surmised it’d be best to keep it somewhat PG-rated.

So, I went through my pictures and thought about which of them I might want turned into a drawing version of me… I decided on the picture taken in the Fall of 2019 when I was writing a review of an Eddie Cochran compilation called “All The Best” .

And here’s El Ray’s interpretation of Retro Dee in the same outfit. I think it’s super nifty, daddy-o! And how did he know I was wearing those garters underneath? He must be psychic!

El Ray is taking commissions! If you want to be drawn as a pinup, you can contact him on Instagram: @elrayartist

OR head right over to his Etsy shop: ArtByElRayCo

He has drawn tons of happy customers. And if you don’t feel like being drawn, check out his work anyway because he has a bitchin’ variety of artwork for your walls.

Thanks for reading!

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