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Happy Birthday Holly B!

Howdy, folks. Here’s a special post for our special girl, Holly B. on her Purrday. As of September 30, 2021, Holly is 6 years old. Might only be 5, but more likely closer to 6. It’s impossible to tell.

The Birthday Girl

Holly was adopted from CAR: California Animal Rescue on February 18, 2019. So I don’t know when her exact Birthday is. But I chose September because that’s the month her namesake Buddy Holly was born. The day, the 30th, is because that was Chelsea’s day (June 30). You can read Holly’s adoption story HERE.

Holly had a surprisingly fun summer at SeaCats Boarding house in Manomet. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to board a cat in southern MA. Holly enjoyed the 3-tier kitty condos, the view out the windows and the kitty TV in the cat room. She also had a sweet summer romance with Bentley, a large orange and white tabby.

Holly and Bentley: A Summer Romance
Holly and Bentley: Mew Love Ways

Velda, who runs SeaCats, was a great “kitty camp counselor”. Holly almost didn’t want to leave! (I kept calling Velda “Vi”… I guess I was thinking of Vi Petty.) At any rate, it’s a great place to keep your feline family members if you need to be away.

Holly likes the condo my family moved into because the floors are all wood and she can chase her favorite toy (hair elastic) around with ease. She also likes to climb the impossibly steep staircase which is exhausting for humans, but a cinch for a cat in good health. Plus there are great views of the bay, birds and boats and Holly has her old couch and chairs back. She still sleeps like a weirdo:

She still sleeps weird!

I didn’t get her any presents this year because she just got a package full of great toys from Peaches The Tuxedo Cat in TX, and we’re still trying to unpack. She loves the boxes and paper, so those can be her gifts this year.

So Happy Birthday, Holly B. We love mew.

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