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What Grinds My Gears: Don’t Tell Me What Not To Say

Warning: strong language (if you can’t handle that sort of thing)

“Freedom of speech is as good as sex,” said Madonna one day a long time ago when I was too young to know what she was talking about.

But, it turns out, she’s right.

Today’s post was going to be a list of reasons I’d get burned at the stake during “Burning Times”, but I think I’ll post about this instead.

Twitter is like a drug to me. I was addicted to it, now I’ve gotta stay away from it. It’s sucking what’s left of my will to live. I can’t stand when people misunderstand me, I can’t stand when people judge me, and above all else, I can’t stand when people take things too seriously. No wait. Above all else I can’t stand when people tell me what to say. And what not to say.

Someone who I thought was a friend told me that they didn’t like my language. This leads me to believe that this person is either actually living in Pleasantville or perhaps doesn’t ever leave their house. Since Pleasantville doesn’t exist anymore (if it ever really did), I surmise it’s the latter… The irony is this person is a fan of Rock n Roll… so I humbly ask… how the fuck can you like Rock N Roll and be offended by cussing?

Just wondering.

I feel bad because I really liked this person. A lot! They were Primo in my book, and on no uncertain terms. But suggesting my language is inappropriate is stepping on MY Freedom of Speech Rights which we value greatly in America…. That is just NOT COOL. Besides, I was not saying anything hurtful, in fact my friend was in agreement with me until I used the word “fuck”- OH MY! Wash my virgin mouth out with soap, why don’t you? And wash the rest of the world’s out with soap too, while you’re at it. Because I’m one of 206 million users on Twitter, the majority who use the “F” word freely. And I don’t appreciate being singled out. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I’m not truly mad at this person, because it’s really not worth getting mad over. If someone doesn’t like my language, they don’t have to talk to me. I just do not understand where they are coming from, because today’s world is very different from the 1950’s. We like the 1950’s, the but it is not the 1950’s. You can’t live in the 1950’s. God knows I’ve tried.

But it is not just that one person that I left Twitter over. It’s the whole Twitter environment.

My cousin said she doesn’t go on Twitter because it’s “too political”. (This happens to be my smartest cousin, and really the only one who I respect.) So let’s take my cousin’s statement a little further. She was talking about politics. Twitter is notorious for being too political. I thought I was avoiding politics on Twitter, simply by not talking about politics… but I was wrong. See, it’s not just matters of country leadership that get political on Twitter… it’s EVERYTHING.

People take everything too seriously. For example, if you dislike a musician they love, they get all bent out of shape. Sure, it’s kind of insulting at first take, but really? Who cares? I wouldn’t mind at all if someone said they didn’t like Buddy Holly. I’d think they don’t have good taste in music, but that’s my opinion. Nothing to get rash over.

Also, we’re not all on Twitter for the same reason. People have different agendas. That’s a recipe for disaster right there, a breeding ground for misery and contempt and I have enough of that at home. A lot of people are on Twitter for the music polls. That was 90% of the reason I went on there. Then someone told me they didn’t like comparing Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Okay, then don’t. But my doing so was just for fun. I wasn’t pitting them against one another. It’s just part of what people do on Twitter. They debate. It’s entertainment. Debate your favorite music artists, your favorite actors, sports figures etc… We’re not all gonna agree. So what’s the issue, dear?

Boy, no one is understanding me lately. Maybe they don’t like what I’m saying or don’t simply care. That is an excellent reason unfollow me and an even more excellent reason for me to leave completely. I will still have my blog posts tweeted there, but I will no longer participate in any conversations, comments, messages, notifications, polls or otherwise.

What is it that they say? “Vintage style, not vintage values”? I’d get eaten ALIVE in today’s world if I had vintage values. I’m not a time capsule. If you want that, watch The Donna Reed Show. I live in today’s shitty, Godforsaken, Goddamned, fucked up world. I don’t make the rules or make the world the way it is. I just try to survive in it.

By the way: Anyone who thinks Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Don & Phil Everly and so on… were innocent, needs a HUGE wake up call. Or needs to watch a biopic or something. And I don’t even like biopics. (Seriously, I hate them!) But anyone who thinks the Pioneers of Rock N Roll were innocent, wholesome entertainers who went home to Mama every night needs a history lesson REAL bad. Sure, the Founding Fathers of Rock N Roll might not have lit the stage on fire each night, they may not have smashed their guitars or grabbed their crotches. And maybe they dressed more like CPAs than hoodlums, but make NO MISTAKE! Those boys paved the way for what was to come: Complete Fucking Chaos.

They might not have said “fuck” every other word simply because it wasn’t in the mainstream vocabulary in the 1950’s, but man, they were not the “well behaved and proper” lads that parents wanted their kids to look up to. If you want someone meek and mild for a hero, Mister Rogers might be a better choice. But no one who ever played Rock N Roll turned down a dance with the Devil… I kinda thought the whole rebellious thing was part of the appeal… The innocence gone rogue? I also hate the way Twitter makes me doubt myself. And it constantly makes me doubt myself!

In May of 1958, The Crickets were sent home after Rock N Roll was banned in Boston. (Probably by some priest who did things far worse than they ever did.) So Buddy, Jerry and Joe flew to Dallas and bought motorcycles and rode them the rest of the way home to Lubbock. Does that say “squeaky clean and proper” to you? No. It says “Bad Ass Motherfucker”. Just like what’s printed on those wallets they sell at Hot Topic.

So I’m off task again. Twitter has become a huge source of frustration for me and while I thought it was making my life a little better, it’s just furthering my stress. I want to cry and pull my hair out. More than usual, that is. So that’s it. If I can’t say what I want to say, how I want to say it, and express who I am without getting a lot of grief, then I’d rather say nothing at all.

I’m really fucking tired of trying to win people’s approval only to lose out in the end. It’s also no use in saying the things I want and getting negative responses. Life is too fucking short to try to please a bunch of strangers.

A wise young man once said “I don’t know how to succeed, but I know how to fail. Try to please everyone.”


PS: A recent question on Twitter asked “If you could have any artist sing you any song what would it be?” Of course I chose Buddy Holly as the artist. And the song? “Rock Me My Baby”.

So get this…

Someone disagreed with me and said that if you’re going to have Buddy Holly sing something you should pick “True Love Ways”. Well guess what?! I wouldn’t choose “True Love Ways”, I’d choose “Rock Me My Baby”! I like it better than some sappy love ballad. And I have every right to pick “Rock Me My Baby” AND its suggestive lyrics AND its filthy meaning. My personal preference towards Buddy Holly and his work as an artist is MY right, my feelings and my expression. So don’t tell me what song to pick in some hypothetical fantasy on Twitter. Case and point why I’m leaving. People just don’t respect other people’s opinions, so what fun is even talking?

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