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Holiday Break, Y’all

Hi folks, just want to let y’all know that things have been very busy here and extremely stressful, so I will be taking the month of December off from blogging. (This may or may not include the Dream Blog, there’s no telling what I’ll do sometimes. )

But you can still have a look at my previously published holiday posts such as:

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Christmas Music of the 1950’s

Decorating Retro 1950’s for Christmas

Rudolph Goes Retro: 4 Versions of a Holiday Classic

Special thanks to all of you who have read my blog this year. I truly appreciate your time and interest.

I hope y’all have a great Holiday Season and don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite oldies in The Grooveyard’s Great 88 Song Survey. The voting for the finals ends on December 11, so please get your picks in before then. The show will air on on a special night Sunday, December 26 at 7pm on WCWP 88.1 FM, LIU Radio.

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Best Wishes,

Retro Dee

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