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I Dream of Buddy: A Dream Blog Exclusive

Part of this blog is about the dreams I have. Why? I don’t know. I think they’re worthy of sharing. What’s ironic is that I’m terrible sleeper and I’ve had insomnia my whole life, yet I manage to dream in epic proportions, things that Hollywood couldn’t even think up.

When I was 8 years old, I got a Spottie Dottie diary for my Birthday. It was then that I started my very first Dream Journal. Ever since, I’ve kept some kind of recorded log of my dreams. My writings never feel complete without some kind of dream anthology.

As far back as I remember, my dreams included celebrities. From actors to singers, even sports and political figures… if the person was famous, he or she would undoubtedly end up in one of my dreams. I didn’t even need to be a fan of theirs. Even stars I don’t like show up in my dreams. I guess I’m star-struck. You name someone, and chances are, I’ve had a dream about them.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Up until the end of 2020, I’d never had a dream about Buddy Holly. I began seriously listening to his music in the Fall of 2016. But for the first four years of my obsession with him, he was completely absent from my dreams.

Each night I’d go to bed, wondering if this would be the night I dreamed of Buddy. Many of my dreams contained his music, but never Buddy himself. I’d be singing “That’ll Be The Day” or I’d be listening to “Peggy Sue”. I even dreamed I visited Lubbock. But the man himself was nowhere to be found.

I’ve had plenty of other ridiculous and far-fetched dreams about stars from my favorite era: I dreamed that I dated Phil Everly (after breaking up with Don, no less). I dreamed I was in a hotel with Marilyn Monroe when she died, and that Elvis Presley came to a wedding I was at. But still, no Buddy Holly.

So what was the big mental block? I pondered: is it because Buddy was not alive during my lifetime? Does being incarnated at the same time need to be a prerequisite for me to dream of someone? No, because I’d dreamed of Marilyn and Elvis and they both died before I was born… So that wasn’t it… How could the very star who was at the top of my list never appear in any of my dreams? After years of analyzing my own dreams, it was the one thing I simply could NOT figure out. I began to think that Buddy Holly would be the one and only person, famous or non, that I never, ever dreamed about. Then, one day…

I wrote a short piece of fan fiction in a private journal (OFFLINE) where I was having a chat with Buddy. It was the first time I ever wrote myself speaking directly to him in a piece of writing.

What happened next is what I find so fascinating. The very night that I wrote that entry in my private journal – you guessed it – I had a dream about Buddy Holly. It was as if writing that bit broke down some kind of mental block in my mind and my subconscious finally allowed me to have a dream about him. I never experienced anything so clear cut. It was like taking a key and unlocking a door. That’s all I needed to do for him to appear in my dreams: write about interacting with him.

Ironically, in the dream itself, we didn’t speak. Here’s what I wrote about the dream I had on December 2, 2020:

There was a chart with glasses on it, and someone was saying something about a patient having eye trouble and pain. I was trying to type all this down on a board, sort of like an old fashioned switch board. The patient was Buddy Holly and his eye was hurting. He sat down on a bench and was wearing a gray suit and tie. He took his glasses off and was squinting and rubbing his eye like it hurt a lot.
I was standing next to where he was sitting on the bench and I put my arms around him and gave him a hug. It felt good to hug him. I could get my arms all the way around him because he was so thin. I held him against me. Then I sat down and sort of pulled him on top of me and we kissed for several seconds, he was a really good kisser. I felt like it finally happened, the dream I should have had years ago. I got up and walked out of the room, and when I returned, he was gone, with no trace that he’d been there.

That was the first dream that opened up a portal, of sorts, because three weeks later I had another dream about Buddy, one in which we exchanged words:

I went out to (the deck of the ship) and looked ahead and saw lightening and the ocean was getting choppy. A lot of passengers were watching the ocean and standing and talking on the deck. I went back into the hallway of the ship and stood there, worried. Buddy Holly came by, which was not shocking to me since I knew he was on the ship with Jerry (Allison). He was wearing a black suit and tie and of course, his signature glasses. He was about to walk by, when I said “Buddy…” and he stopped. I didn’t know what I was going to say to him, I just wanted to say something. So I think I commented about how there was a storm coming. He was really quiet and seemed kind of shy and I think he said something like “Yeah, I know.” Then he walked on.

In the next several months, two more dreams followed. The next one I’ll feature as an upcoming Dream Blog post. It’s a funny one, so stay tuned…

It seems strange now to think that there was a time when Buddy never showed up in any of my dreams. Now he’s a permanent fixture in my many cast of characters.

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Disclaimer: I have no affiliation what-so-ever with any of the aforementioned individuals, real or imagined, living or dead.