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Dream Blog: A Suggestion

I had this dream in June of 2021, before I moved, and it is the third one I had about him. I’ve struggled back and forth on whether or not to post it. But really, who cares?

So the dream went like this: I don’t remember the beginning, or why I was sitting at a large table with people all around me. I think it was some kind of convention or meeting or something. I remember I was tired. Sitting next to me on my left was Buddy Holly. He was wearing the sweater he wore which matched with the other two Crickets during their UK ’58 tour.

I rested my head against his shoulder, and he put his arms around me and kind of cuddled me. Then he smiled and said, “Why don’t we do something for our species and have sex.”

The scene changed right after he said that (wouldn’t you know!) and it went on to something else where I was wandering around somewhere nondescript… But I was still thinking over what Buddy had suggested to me, and why he chose those words to say it: “do something for our species”? What the hell does that mean?

I think it has to do with the fact that I see Buddy Holly as superior to me (obviously). He has a “godlike” existence as far as the world sees him. Most people see celebrities as “godlike”- particularly those who are famous legends who have passed on.

However, despite his talent and fame, Buddy Holly was still a human being like we all are, like I am, like anyone is, regardless of background or status.

The fact that he would’ve never chosen me, not to mention the fact that I didn’t even exist yet during his lifetime, is cast aside to create this dream.

And that’s probably what I like the best about dreams. They can be anything we want them to be.

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Disclaimer: The above story was just a dream. I have no affiliation what-so-ever with any of the aforementioned personalities, real or imagined, living or dead.

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