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The 5 Most Popular Posts for Retro Dee’s 5th Anniversary

Hello folks! Welcome to Retro Dee’s 5th Anniversary Special!

This week Retro Dee’s Guide To The Best Era Ever turns 5 years old. It’s time once again to thank everyone who has been supportive of this blog. Friends, family and strangers who have come by to have a look, all make this blog worth keeping.

I truly appreciate the emails I’ve received from folks who have enjoyed my blog. In five years, I only got ONE angry email and that was because the person had comprehension problems. See, anyone can read a blog post. But not everyone can comprehend a blog post. It’s really the most important part of the reading, the comprehending .

But I digress! (as I steal a joke from Seinfeld)

As I was saying… I truly appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to read one or more of my posts. This blog would not be half as fun to write if it weren’t for those of you who actually read it, which isn’t all that many. Then again, if more people read it, I expect I’d have some haters. But you know what they say: “Haters gonna hate, potato fudge gonna potate!”

And that brings me to the next topic of this very special 5th Anniversary post: Retro Dee’s 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of all time!

I don’t do math, so Word Press does it for me. Or, at least, they keep a very nifty stats chart so you can see how many people are viewing which posts! That allows me to tell you the Top 5 most popular posts I’ve written in the past five years, which is determined by the amount of views.

Now, when I say “popular”, I mean that on no uncertain terms. An average post only gets about 30-50 views per month. However, the posts listed below consistently get hundreds of views per week. Weird, right? What baffles me is the why, which is what I’m working on. I’m hoping this information will allow me to bring more blogs into the world that folks are actually interested in.

And, here they are!

Retro Dee’s Top 5 Most Popular Posts:

(based on the amount of reader views in the past 5 years)

#5 Life in the 50’s: Lipstick Brands of the 1950’s – written November 23, 2020. Choc full of vintage ads, I wrote this post about lipstick and it’s popularity in the 1950’s, particularly red lipstick. Readers seem to really dig this post, and it comes in as the 5th most popular.

#4 Searching for the 50’s: Dickman’s Horsefat Spread – written June 7, 2021. I wrote this when I realized people were becoming obsessed with the Dickman’s ad in the post entitled Life in the 50’s: 5 Disgusting Things from the 50’s. I wanted to try to get to the bottom of whether the ad was legit or not. So did everyone else, apparently!

#3 Fifties Study Hall: Heartthrobs of the 1950’s – written November 8, 2018 and revised Spring, 2022. What would any blog about the 1950’s be without heartthrobs of the era? The interesting thing here is that although this post was first written back in 2018, it has recently skyrocketed in popularity within the past few months, namely after I added the Retro Dee Ratings. It’s all right if you don’t agree with them, though!

#2 Collecting 1950’s: How To Identify 1950’s Jewelry – written on May 19, 2019 and revised on September 8, 2022. Yes, this is a true passion of mine. 1950’s costume jewelry is HOT and will continue to be a favorite of collectors everywhere. I’m looking forward to writing more posts about costume jewelry for readers to reference.

And the Number One Most Popular Post Is…

#1 Dickman’s Horsefat Spread: The Truth is Revealed – written on November 1, 2021 Finally the TRUTH about Dickman’s Horsefat Spread! No, it’s not real. It never was. And here’s the article where I back that fact up. Folks from near and far are obsessed with reading about the origins of this parody ad. Despite my efforts to make this blog about something more meaningful and nostalgic, Dickman’s reigns as the most popular topic on Retro Dee’s Guide To The Best Era Ever. Ain’t that a bite!

Below we have a screen shot of my stats between January 10 and February 8, 2022. Have a look at all the traffic on February 3rd! What could everyone be reading? My posts on The “Day The Music Died”?… One would think. But no! Instead, they were reading about Dickman’s Horsefat Spread. That’s right. Instead of reading one of my many posts about the tragedy of February 3rd, 1959 (which claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper) they were reading about Dickman’s Horsefat Spread. Okay! I don’t pretend to understand these things. But there you go.

Stats for Feb. 3, 2022

So according to these statistics, I should make this a blog about Dickman’s Horsefat Spread and the fact that it never existed, and what that does to us as a society at large. But I’m not going to do that.

The main subject of Retro Dee’s Guide will always be the Rock N Roll Music of the 1950’s, which is what inspired me to write this blog in the first place. Well, that and the fabulous fashions.

Anyhow, whether you come here to read about phony ads or you want to find out more about the Top 40 of the 1950’s, thanks again for your support. As always, I want to give special thanks to DJ Alan Seltzer for giving me the opportunity to contribute my posts as a columnist on The Grooveyard website. Being featured on The Grooveyard has been a wonderful experience. So go visit WCWPgrooveyard.com here on Word Press and place your votes in The Great 88 Song Survey now!

And, of course, you can follow this blog, Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever, right here on WordPress.

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