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The Final Tweet: The Worst of Twitter

Disclaimer: If you don’t read this ENTIRE post, you won’t understand, and if you don’t understand, you are wasting your time. Furthermore, if you read it and you still have comprehension issues and you want to write to me to call me mean names OR if you are racist yourself and want to call me mean bigoted names, I’ve got news for you. I’m outta time and I don’t have a secretary so I’m not reading emails anyway!

Twitter had some great aspects for me, which is why I’m not happy about leaving. The best thing about it was talking to people about music and taking and writing surveys and promoting the things I love. But I left because of some of the horrible people on there. Some of the rotten assholes who too often seem to dominate the platform.

I don’t know how to say this. But there are a lot of bad, racist and STUPID people on Twitter… who like the same music I do.

Let me explain exactly what happened, blow by blow.

I made a tweet that said the name “Buddy” was on ALL of the Hillbilly Baby Names Lists. It is! It’s 100000% true. And there are a lot of so-called “Hillbilly” Baby Names lists! Look it up, you’ll get tons of results. There’s even a “779 Redneck Boy Names List” (Buddy is #23) And it’s a proud list, not in any way disparaging. I thought it was amusing, and I do not mean “amusing” in a derogatory way. I mean it in a complementary way. I even SAID that, in my tweet. I also noted that I don’t particularly like those words: “hillbilly” and “redneck”– they are a little crude, and I never use them in a derogatory way. Actually, I don’t use them at all.

I CLEARLY stated that.

I also tweeted that I used to think “Buddy” and “Peggy Sue” were 1950’s names (they are… who the fuck is named that anymore?) but they are SOUTHERN names. So what? Baby names originate from everywhere! Get a sense of humor!

So then, a follower of mine (someone I NEVER followed back due to his own ignorant, childish beliefs) replied to my tweet by calling me a “Clod”. He called me a clod. This hate-monger and ignoramus that even I refused to follow back, called me a clod.

Why am I so upset? Because I got misunderstood. I was NOT calling Buddy Holly’s fan’s hillbillies or rednecks. I was talking about his NAME being on all the fucking “Hillbilly and Redneck” baby names lists. That is a fact, look it up. It’s not just that one list either. And you know what? I think it’s funny! But I sure as shit wasn’t calling Buddy Holly OR his fans hillbillies. I would never, ever do that. Not just because I love Buddy Holly, but because I DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES. Unlike him! That stupid guy just misunderstood my tweet, like many of the motherfuckers on Twitter.

This person (who I will never disclose because I don’t ever mention names) has been following me for five years. And All this time, every time I mention Buddy Holly, this guy would like what I tweeted and praise me. So why, all of the sudden, would I insult Buddy Holly fans by calling them hillbillies and rednecks? That makes NOOOO sense! But maybe he’s smarter than I think. After all, I’m really starting to get to a point where I hate not only some of the people in Buddy’s fandom, but being a fan as well.

But let’s get back to Twitter. The real point of my posting this is to talk about how so many bad things and misunderstandings have lead me to want to leave for good.

This is not the first time, mes amis! Twitter is rampant with misunderstandings. And most of all, it is rampant with assholes who DO NOT RESPECT OTHERS I hate that! And I hate being misunderstood. Every time I say the name “BUDDY” I am not necessarily talking about Buddy Holly. I have a wider range and thought process than that. But because this bastard on Twitter is so stupid, close minded and unable to stop, read and comprehend a tweet, he just jumped to conclusions and thought I was talking about the icon, Buddy Holly, rather than the NAME. I study names and their origins and have other interests besides dead Rock N Roll stars. Celebrities, living or dead are not my life.

No one cares to know you on Twitter, they just take a tweet don’t even read it fully and judge you and send you something nasty! What a stupid waste of timed effort.

Why be on social media if you don’t want to respect other people’s opinions, get to know them and and make friends? That’s just how I see it. I am fully aware that many people go on social media to do the exact opposite. To be bullies. To purposely see things the other way- to fight, argue and defend themselves just to seem tough in their own sorry little world. And I hate that.

It was the last straw for me when that macho testosterone-ridden bastard took offense to my tweet simply because he didn’t understand it. (Take note that I was talking about BABY names, NOT calling country people names.) BABY names, like “Cletus” and “Waylon” and shit like that. Honestly, I really don’t know why Parent websites post these themed Baby Name Lists, it’s a little weird, but here we are.

Weird notwithstanding, I happen to think those kinds of lists are funny and interesting, but with all the stupid people on Twitter who cannot comprehend what anyone says, I frequently get misunderstood or called ignorant in some way (I’m willing to wager that I’m probably a good, solid 100 IQ points above that asshole, but I digress)

So let’s get back to the BABY NAMES lists that are all over this internet.

“Buddy” – his NAME not Buddy Holly himself – is supposedly a “redneck name” per THIS LIST. And you know what? It kinda is, I agree! The words “redneck” and “hillbilly” do come to mind, when you hear that name, however insulting. But I think the use of “Buddy” as a person’s name was suited for the innocent 1950’s, and if you DO want to get specific and talk about the star, Buddy Holly had never come across to me as a “hillbilly” or “redneck” in any way. Nerd maybe, but he wasn’t that either and even if he were, is that so fucking bad? He was a genius. And, in fact, I always thought his name was kinda cute. And I’m tired of having to explain that. How could anyone follow me on Twitter and think I was insulting Buddy Holly OR his paranoid fans when all I do is borderline worship him? And at the end of the day, to me he’s just a star. Not anyone I know. What is it with people fighting about stars and celebrities and fandoms on Twitter? It’s actually pretty creepy.

That guy who called me a “Clod” because he thought I was calling Buddy Holly fans “hillbillies” is from what I can tell, a “TRUMPER”. That would make sense as to why he is quick to judge, can’t read, slings insults and is very proud to be that kind of person. He’s one of those low-lives who follows Trump, loves guns, owns attack dogs and drives big trucks. How do I know that? He’s always tweeting about it. That’s why I wasn’t following him back. He just wants to fight with people who don’t believe in the same hateful things as he does. I am sure he was HOPING I was being bigoted towards the South so he could bully me. I didn’t cuss at him or anything. I just don’t do that. I just explained that I never use those words (hillbilly or redneck) and I asked him what was wrong with him (for calling me a clod)! Motherfucker. So when I asked him, he said “Quite a lot”. At least he knows that. That’s more than Trump would admit for sure. Trump would NEVER admit he was wrong. Actually, I think he probably saw my question as “What’s wrong with ME?” (we already know he can’t read very well.)

So there’s “quite a lot wrong” with me, huh? That’s fine. I’m still a fuck of a lot better than he is. I’m kind to people. And if that makes me weak, then I’m weak and kind to people.

Anyway, just how did he know that I, myself, am not from the South? I guess it’s clear. I could never be That. Great. LOL! But, If I actually were from the South, would I post the list of Redneck Baby Names? YES! I’m Italian and I’d post a list of Mafia Baby Names. Like I said, it’s funny. Have a fucking sense of humor!

I noticed once I entered the Rockabilly Fandom, many people who like Elvis, Buddy, The Everly boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.. etc.. etc.. are from the South. Now get ONE THING RIGHT: I LOVE the South. No, really. I love their traditions, their culture, their sayings, their history, the fact that they are rebels… and, of course, their music. The best music comes from the South. So if you misunderstand that and think I’m ignorant about the South, you’re either just trying to start shit, or are too stupid to comprehend what I’m saying.

Once, when I was a kid, there was this guy named Jeff Foxworthy. And he did a thing called “You might be a Redneck”. It was a popular standup act. It was funny. No one cared back then. That was before Trump divided our country. After he did, EVERYONE takes offense to EVERYTHING. You can’t even have a stand-up act anymore. And I seem to remember, Jeff Foxworthy was as sweet as pie. I love Italian comedians, too, especially if they make fun of being Italian. It’s hilarious! I even like Chris Rock’s sense of humor and I think what Will Smith did was BULLSHIT! What a baby. Hitting someone over a fucking joke. He should never work in Hollywood again, pompous ass. But I’m getting off topic. Again.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good joke, but I am NOT racist or bigoted or derogatory and if you think I am, you’re a CLOD for not being able to understand what I’m saying. Learn to read! Learn to comprehend! Or get get the fuck outta my face!

The bottom line is actually not this asshole guy. I would never, ever give some Trumper on Twitter that kind of credit. It’s the misunderstandings and double-standards on Twitter. And the unbelievable LACK of respect for others’ opinions and the all the goddamn bullying. I don’t call people names. At least not to their faces. Ironically, some of those weirdos who support Trump claim to love God. I don’t wanna meet their God.

I have never, ever posted hateful or violent things on Twitter. I just complain about the idiots in my selfish family. But that’s my business. I don’t insult strangers. I have too much respect for others. I’m too busy trying to make this miserable world a better fucking place. But this fucking moron (clod) thought I was being bigoted towards the fans, when all I do is praise Buddy and Peggy Sue and the whole fandom, God knows why. I talk about The South for how great it is. I don’t know, maybe it’s not so great after all.

Anyway. He might have been following me, but he sure wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy posting horrible things about President Joe B. (who frankly annoys me, and I think is a fuck up, but at least he isn’t evil like his predecessor.)

So now we’re about to the part where I talk about what else I hated about being on Twitter. Most of the time, people ignore my tweets anyway, so the effort is kinda useless. Unless I’m kissing some dead celebrity’s ass, they ignore me. But still I have to put up with the bullies who want to start fights or put me down to raise their own pathetic feelings about themselves. It was turning out to be a shitty deal.

Looking back on the last 6 years on Twitter, I kinda hate that I bent over fucking backwards to be respectful to people on there and I end up getting treated like shit over and over again. I even lied and said I liked Peter Cetera because I didn’t want to insult his fans. I even refrained from posting what a shitter of a group The Beach Boys are! They suck! But I never said anything bad about them. I did it for a friend. Because in order to have friends you have to BE a friend. I guess that guy doesn’t know that. I honestly don’t know how some people have a friend in the world, the way they are. They must only surround themselves with other assholes, just like them.

So through the years, no matter what, just to keep the friends I made, just to hope to make my day and their’s a littler brighter, I kept going back and tweeting. I’d go back to post jokes, I’d go back to pay respects to people I never knew (i.g. dead celebrities) I’d go back to talk about the music, hoping that in some way it could be a Universal Language… that we could put all our fucking differences aside because we love the same music. I really believed it could be the key to connecting human kind. But I guess I was wrong. Human kind is trash. And the truth is, you gotta be a retard to want to keep going back to something like that!

So I’m sorry, Twitter, but you run a billion-dollar HATE machine and that’s TRUTH!

The sad thing is, all the people I made friends with that I have to say goodbye to on Twitter because I CANNOT stand another asshole like this guy misunderstanding my tweets. I’ll miss those folks. I’ll even miss the Chicago fans. (God, their songs suck…) I had fun talking about music, I had fun making friends, but a platform with that kind of division and hate and ignorant people is not worth the good anymore.

I also don’t know how much more I can stand of those type of people who don’t like anyone but other “Trumpers”. They don’t even have the respect and decency to listen to anyone else’s point of view. Where’s their fucking decency? There are a lot of them in the Rockabilly community. That is 100% FACT! Not trying to insult anyone! Many of the people who are fans of Buddy (<– Hillbilly name, LOL), Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran and The Good Ole Everly boys ARE Trumpers. They’re the kind of people who get pocket knives for Christmas at 7 years old so they can skin a muskrat just to prove they’re men. I refuuuused to follow some of them back (including the guy in this story) because they spouted things I don’t believe in. They have “MAGA” in their bios. They’re bad people. And READ: Not because they are from The South or any place else, not even because they identify as Republican, or anything else, but because they are ignorant and intolerant and “CLODS”.

Look at the (obviously provocative) shit they post. They hint at as much racist and bigoted shit as they can get away with without being banned. They finally stopped tweeting bigoted things about LGBTQ so they can keep their accounts. New social media rules keep them from saying certain things, yet they are still there and… it bothers me! I don’t want any part of it! Do not even argue with me that Twitter is full of that! Nothing but angry and hateful politics from ignorant “Clods” who don’t understand other people’s tweets. They post memes that are violent. Things I don’t want to mention here. I don’t understand how Twitter allows that. But it’s still there. They ruin what COULD be a good platform, an amazing place, if they weren’t allowed to abuse it. They ruin it for me and for everyone who is there to use it as a place to make friends and be entertained. They use it as a place to show off what they THINK makes them great.

Then there’s the unfairness of the platform itself. Last week my tweet got deleted because I was asking for help with a technical issue on one of the social media sites. How was that offensive?

What is going on? NOT ME! I’m NOT “going on” TWITTER anymore.

Here are some of my very last tweets, so they can put it in their crack pipe and smoke it. I’m not gonna support them and their billion-dollar ads anymore.

RIP Ray Liotta, my favorite “shnook”.
And RIP my fucking Twitter account!

Disclaimer: Last line of “Goodfellas”, he calls himself a “shnook” if you’re culturally impaired and haven’t seen the film by now. Public images including all photos and all media on this site are used in the fair use context. I do not claim ownership of any such material. No copyright infringement is intended. The original owners retain all copyrights.